Argos set options/stat variatons

Hey! The thing I wanted to talk about here is the argos set, which I’ve made a mistake with as it turned out, by choosing the harsh oath set. At first I was thinking why would I choose the one with crit rate as a deadeye, since I have my class engraving for crit, depending on the level, plus back attacks, plus my debuff, adrenaline is another plus %, and the pet is another couple percent, which I thought was enough at the time. So I took the crit damage argos set, hoping for the big boy damage on full stacks and so on. As it turned out, the math behind this is different as I was thinking, not like flat X % damage buff, which I think is kind of missleading in a way, or it’s just me being dumb. Now I’m kinda stuck with that set, since I’ve completed it, transfered it and so on, with no option to change it, besides starting from the beggining, doing argos p3 for I don’t even know how many times to be able to craft the other set again. My problem is that now I shouldn’t use keen blunt weapon either (which I have on lvl3), because its basically hurting my damage (which I dont think how it should be tbh). On paper I could build more crit, but with that I would lose spec, which makes my skills do more damage. My necklace is already crit/spec which is fine, but would be better to use spec/swiftness. So now I’m stuck with that set, no option to change, if I go with less spec, that hurts even more, so yea, I think it would be nice to have an option to change things up without spending weeks to craft the other set, losing gold in the process, time and everything, like even an option for royal crystals, or something. Currently I’m running ambush master lvl3, adrenaline lvl3, keen blunt lvl3, enhanced weapon lvl1, spirit abs lvl1 (1402.50 ilvl) I’m interested if anyone else has similar issues, or just some advice, feedback on the topic. (Excuse my english, not my first langauge) Edit: I’m playing on eu west, so deadeye accessories are very very limited, you can’t really find good ones with spec and stuff, not even expensive ones.


You’re complaining because you didn’t do research and build properly? I guess I don’t understand your complaint or how this could possibly be any kind of game feedback. No matter the game I’m playing, if I farm one thing, I can’t expect to just convert it into whatever else I want. That’s not how it works.

Easiest solution: do Argos p3, in 3 weeks you get enough blood to craft the full armor set and transfer ilvl.

While Keen blunt isn’t optimal if you have other crit damage bonus (compared to other engravings) you still get a decent damage buff. But you do need higher crit rate to make it worth.

Note that you will likely always meet people with the preordained set in party, so you actually get the same crit rate in the end when in group.

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I mean if you’ve made that mistake of getting the wrong gear from an option of 2 sets I can’t imagine what will happen with Valtan… Do a better research mate for gods shake.

Also, you still have plenty of time to get 4 pieces from argos to complete your preordained set u don’t need them all eitherway for now. 2 Weeks and you are done.

Yeah I know ppl that did the same mistake and didnt come here to complain. All you gotta do is farm argos again, its not a one time reward

All right then, I didn’t mean to complain as bad as you might think, sorry if it seems that way. My main point would be is the variaty of things you can build on some classes, and it isn’t too many ways to do it I would say, especially if you wanna go for the highest dps and everything, and why wouldn’t you want to go for that. So thanks for the replies, I don’t think i’ve made a huge mistake, i just have to build a bit more crit, swap kbw for grudge, that would solve a part of this, or I’ll figure it out. But still, I think it would be great to have other options, with same level of gear to choose from, to make gearing up a bit more unique in a way. Thats just my opinion.

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Maybe you are right, but I dont know if its just me or it really should be more obvious, I mean about the damage calcuations here. I was expecting better results with the crit dmg set, as it gives on paper a huge boost. Turned out it isn’t really the reality, which is weird, I think. Also, just to save myself a bit here, I did research bedore taking it, and it was suggested to take the crit dmg by multiple sources, then later when I was doing things and seeing the damage of other deadeyes with the same ilvl, with the other gear doing the same damage, or some even morw then me, only then i was questioning my choice. Tbf I can still solo velganos, as I could before the argos set in way less then 10 minutes, so I’m fine I guess. But yea, I’ve already started to look into the Valtan stuff.

Gotta admit here I came off kind of rude on my reply, mainly cause I am bored with entitled people “making mistakes”, sry about that bud my fault.

When it comes to crit dmg I got to say that unless u are at 75% + crit rate you shouldn’t really consider getting no matter the class, since it would “rarely” benefit u and it would be too luck based.

Once again, sry for sound kind of rude here totally my bad! Stay positive you will get the set before Valtan for sure with the rate the updates take place so you will be set!

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All good, I didn’t take it personally. I’ve done some testing tho at trixion, haven’t noticed major difference between 65-75 % crit rate, but we can’t really count on trixion testing too much as it is different from doing raids and similat conent in the game. We’ll see, i might just gona keep this set until valtan comes out.


Hello, fellow deadeye here at 1399.
I see we have similar engravings (ambush 3, adrenaline 3, EW 1) but I run grudge 3 instead of keen blunt.
Another difference is I have one crit ring which amounts to around 630 crit and 1180 spec for overall stats.
So in total, I have 77% crit with back attack (10%), adrenaline (15%), EW (20%), weakness exposure (10%), and 630 gear crit (22%).
This is the reason why Im going with the crit damage argos set. An additional 25% crit from the other argos set will make my crit 102%, so I prefer to get 50% more crit damage instead.

The reason why you would run the argos crit rate is when you go all spec, but from what Ive seen my 1180 spec I have 6% less shotgun damage bonus compared to if I go all spec (from 42% to 48%). So maybe my advice if you don’t want to switch the gears, you can buy a crit ring since it’s cheaper compared to other accessories without sacrificing too much spec.

Although at this point prolly just go with what u have since we will be replacing them with valtan gears and relic accessories anyway.

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I hope you are able to fix your build. I highly doubt they will ever implement that sort of change. But do ignore some of these people that just flame instead of actually helping you. It shouldn’t be too bad, just change your build a bit to suffice for the damage loss.


Thanks for your reply! At this point I think as you suggested it wouldn’t worth to swap for the other set, especially now I could get 4x3 engravings by maxing out enhanced weapon as well, so yea, I could get an extra 10 percent on the top of the things you mentioned. Ew 3, grudge 3, adrenaline 3, ambush 3. I think it’ll be fine for valtan, but I will test your setup too, it might just be better to have the higher crit. The only thing im missing now is either an earing with adrenaline or grudge, since I have grudge ew 3 3 with high quality and spec on 2 rings. We’ll see, which setup works with 4x3. Thanks for your advice!

I’m working on it, figured a couple solutions which can work, missing some swiftness will hurt a little bit tho, but for valtan I think it’ll just fine. For those who just flamed me, I’m not taking it personally, if they want to be angry on me, it’s their choice, I’m fine with it. Adding on something which could be better I think is some unique drop from raids or bosses in the game, like moake or in the near future thunderwing, what I mean is something like a different looking item, weapon for example with different name, different colored name, some stat differences, idk you get my point, something thats looks unique without skins and gives some other ways to build characters. I appreciate your reply, thanks m8!

Good point, I forgot we can go EW 3 for another 10% crit since I never seen any deadeyes running with it xD

Well I rarely see any deadeyes anyway lmao

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Yea, many players and youtubers says to not use EW3, you don’t need it, etc, but with this build it’s just fine to go for it. Now I have 10% back attack crit, around 17% from my necklace, 30% from EW3, 15% from adrenaline, and 10% from weakness exposure which is around 82%, and it works well for me, even with the lack of swiftness, since we have 16 skills for cycling, that pretty much makes up for cooldowns imo, for mobility im using dexterous with agility (more attacks speed on it) and enforce execution also with a tripod. It feels good atm. Edit: currently im running full spec and crit only from necklace, and still hitting the % of crit mentioned above, so yea, it is fjne now i would say.

My friend, I totally get you. I mean I am no expert in this game and I don’t think I ever will be. But I stopped asking question long time ago, I build whatever they build, do whatever they do. This game punishes you hard for trying anything new. New dungeon? Do your research or you will get wiped by mechanics no matter how good you are. New to 1370? Do your research or you will end up wasting a lot of times. Sometimes I feel like this game is a mouse running wheel. I don’t need to think, but do exactly what I am meant to do and get my best rewards. I will keep playing but the pvp is the only thing that keeps me staying :slight_smile:

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Right? I mean, the fact that I need to watch a guide to be able to do even an island or something its a bit a weird I think. I get it, it has to be a difficult or enganing to a level or something like that, sure, but just communicate better, I would say.

I had the same problem. Unfortunately, I did a stupid move and miss-clicked the tier set. Yes. I wanted the sun set (+ crit chance). Yes. I also used the gear transfer. Haha. So I lost a lot of Argos blood.

In a couple weeks you’ll replace if you gona push for valtan, if not, just go for the right one after reset.