Argos system bugging out, no loot rewards

I’ve been enjoying the game and I find that many issues people have are a bit overblown as time goes on other than getting milked a bit by AGS with the drip feed system, but to be fair the type of feedback people were putting out was confusing.

On to my actual issue, lost ark as a game has been pretty fleshed out in terms of how the content plays out without too many bugs etc because the game has been played for so long we don’t have to worry about many issues or bugs so I assume smilegate was thinking the same thing so a partnership with AGS allowing them to run support but realistically not actually being able to help out with anything works for the most part because most of the issues have been iron out in korea/ru etc.

The problem here is that the system they have been implementing to try to recreate a earlier type of content release for some abyssals & argos raid is a bit different and i imagine between the voice overs and changing of requirements etc some bugs are bound to happen however small or low % of happening.

From the looks of it many of us are experiencing issues of lockouts of some sort with no gear rewards or some experience crashes around times that server maintenance is planned or issues with how cut scenes play out with the new translations sometimes causing crashes when people want to watch cut scenes for the first time, many people have reported issues about this but because 90% of the population that has experienced argos (which to narrow the pool of people down even more, up until now was a very small minority of the player base) wasn’t having any issues for the most part so far with only 2 or three lockouts under their belts this isn’t an issue that has been talked about or affected much of the playerbase yet

i’m not here just talking about just getting screwed out of a lockout of argos or an abyssal raid. I’m more worried with the idea that anytime a bug happens that is very costly for someone or an issue comes up for example with a unusual quest bug leading to being stuck unable to continue people will have no option but to go to AGS support for help and no matter how much that person on the other end might feel bad for you or want to help they literally have no ability to do so because of how the connection between ags/smilegate works for this game currently there is no such thing as in game support/GMs like we are used to in most MMOs.

What is the general consensus between people on what to do when an in game issue comes up and how confident are the other LA gamers here that you can get some help if something ever was to happen to you?

It happens, all of EUC a lot of people lost daily runs or weekly runs due to matchmaking server being bad and kicking us from dungeons mid dungeon for 2 weeks

NA east crashed to and everyone who was in something lost their runs

it happens, they wont do anything about it support wont help u, u wont get compensation, we have tried for EUC for over a month sadly nothing to do but being angry about it inside since they wont listen

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The entire lockout system, including cube/boss rush, is really bad at handling disconnects/crashes.

At least in abyss dungeons you get a re-entry ticket that allows you to enter again if you DC in the middle of it.

The lockout should occur the moment you receive loot, not when you enter. But for some reason it was programmed to not be that way and if you contact support they basically just say “tough luck”.

I’ve lost multiple boss rush tickets due to this and it feels super terrible every time.


I’ve created a reddit discussion to try and raise awareness/have other people give their opinions on if this is how everything is going to be dealt with etc. @Roxx Any input on if this is something we will ever get help with or if in the future bugs like this happen with they be addressed/will we get any actionable customer service on our servers?

u only get entry ticket if the party didnt clear, if u dc but then clear it, u dont

only if they abandon the dungeon xD

A game crash could happen for diff reasons. It might not even be the games fault lol.
It could be a faulty error in the GPU, cpu, etc.

Server crash, thats on AGS. Game crash, might not be.