Argos ticket still not received after EUC crash

I’ve raised several tickets and contacted support since the EUC crash happened on Thursday. When the crash happened my character was on the loading screen to get to Argos and that locked me without even getting to the boss at all. It’s been 5 days since the tickets I’ve raised and I’m still waiting for your automated system to provide me the ticket.

Please could you take action so that I don’t lose my Argos weekly run?

The character in question is:
character name: Fratgiolo
EUC server: Neria.

Appreciate your help and support


How is it possible that this is still not fixed after 4 days?



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Hello @Fratgiolo @lov3box @Alessia

Welcome to our Forums, I hope you are having an excellent day :dizzy:

We apologize for the issue you were having with the Abyssal Dungeon entry ticket we are aware of this.
Please see the link below on the Official News, we are currently working to improve this experience.

Thank you to bring your comments about this on the Forum so we have more visibility.

As soon as we have more updates on this topic will update the Official News forum to have more visibility for the rest of the players.

Also additional you send your feedback on this part to helps us to have more opinions to improve our products.

We hope you have an excellent week take care.


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We’re all aware of the mere “existence” of this system but the post you’ve quoted mentions delivery should take up to a day. We’re at a week now, am I ever going to get the ticket for my Argos back?


Same thing here, lost my entry, contacted the support and then nothing since then.

The hard answer is probably not. No one can manually assist you. The automated system detects you and sends you a ticket or it doesn’t.


same thing happened to me they just repeatedly reply the same thing even in the report ticket




Did anyone that lost an entry got it back?
Are we just unlucky and the automatic system missed us or was nothing done yet?

The first time this happened, I got a ticket in-game to get the entry back the next day.

Nothing yet, up

Guess it’s over… Been 2 weeks now and still nothing…