Argos was released too sudden and hit us raw

I mean, first we were promised a roadmap and that didnt happen and then they release argos a day or two after properly announcing him on the forums.
Idk if I am recalling that right but didnt smilegate even apologise for releasing too much vertical content too fast? if we are getting argos within less than 1 month of the game being released then do we get valtan in early april?

A big copium for this game was that whales have to wait like everyone else for content updates, you progress faster but dont really gain anything from it. But apparently AGS is catering the whales in this case because of the few handful that have already made it.
If you would have given f2p 1-3 weeks more with proper preparation time this wouldnt have made such an outroar.
But whom am I trying to explain this. A company that makes an update Stream only filled with half assed commentary on the patchnotes and then actually spoiling the elements of the new content. Well lets not talk about how he didnt even know about the story and recounted it wrong and mocked people calling out spoilers because they said that hes spoiling shit :slight_smile: well yea
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