Argos Weekly Count Trouble During Valtan Maintenance

My raid group got inside Phase 1 Argos before the Valtan maintenance, and I guess there were players from Valtan on that server. When the maintenance happened, we all got disconnected and forced to exit the game. I tried coming back but I can’t login on my character (Main) that was inside the raid from the Character Selection menu so I logged in from my alternative character and switched characters from there inside the game.

After finally getting my main character logged in, I was kicked out of the raid and got back to Nia Village. However, the weekly entry count has already been used for the Argos raid and we haven’t even finished it. No rewards received, no anything.

Can I get my weekly entry count back?

Character name: Kzerrr
Server: NA West Bergstrom

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Yeah same happened to me. We proceeded to P1 Argos. Got dc’d because of server maintenance. Two hours later here I am, server’s all fine, but now can’t reenter Argos. Have you had this resolved?

Server also Bergstrom, Character name: Tankybro

Yea, you were the Gunlancer, I believe. We were on the same raid group, but no, it hasn’t been resolved yet. Still waiting for a reply. Finger’s crossed though.

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Amazon Support does not reset lost entries. So you will need to wait until next week.

Man, that sucks. They have this entry pass ticket to an Abyss dungeon that they give you if you ever disconnected on that dungeon so you could try again. That’s why I thought it could be possible for Argos raid as well. The maintenance is what really got us and as someone from Bergstrom, we didn’t know of it. It just sucks that we have to suffer from not receiving rewards for the irresponsibility of other players from Valtan server.

As far as I know that works for Argos as well, unfortunately it appears to be an automated system, so if you don’t get it in the mail immediately after the DC you can’t get any manual help.