Argos's Blood has become a hustle

The only way a regular player can get the blood is to pay someone who knows the trick to kill Argos, is that what they want for the game. I paid the 1500 gold one time, Getting the blood should be a doable quest for an average player, not and elite quest only the smartest and most hacky can do.

just watch a guide to learn the “trick to kill argos”


lol I watched the guide, and when the battle is raging you can’t see and color zones or your own color, I survived the first kill and did second damage, but was told to just die and let the ‘mage’ do it all. lol. ha.

Do it with a prog or normal group. The only reason someone asked u to pay is because u joined a bus/carry party xD

If you think only the most elite player can do argos, then by your standards you’d need to be a literal God to do all the content after argos.

Vykas is about to be despair for Op

Argos gear is tradable on ah now

It ain’t that hard lol

kekw xD
Do note that most players were doing Argos day 1 with 1370 itemlevel. There were wipes, like every 5 minutes u were already on new argos. Most players didnt even clear g1-g3 argos on first week. But when u finally kill it, next runs went smoother, but mostly u needed around 8 hours to kill full argos. (not counting overgeared ppl).
Raids are big part of this game and in most cases u can clear all raids on itemlevel. If u want to do it fast, like 15 minutes fast, then keep joining carry/bus runs. If u want to have fun out of it, join the prog party and learn the “trick” u mentioned about.

Argos is nerfed since the release in NA. You can go look up a guide and try to find others to run the raid with normally if you don’t like paying for the carry.

u paid 1500 when the market price usually 800-900 only?

Catering to eletist who figure out how to game the AI is why we quit wow and Star Wars , lol, we have the plan and will make the sors, but it’s BS a Bard should be able to do this with average players.

what THE F! O_o

Problem is that Argos is a 1 year old content which even before the gold nerf players usually skipped or paid a bus as it was rare to see raids for Argos at or close to its ilvl.

If you are a new player, use the hyper express/story express and skip Argos, hone up for Valtan Hard and Vykas. Both of those are required for the set that will let you later upgrade to Brelshaza gear, Argos is not required at all.

1 blood=3 ghl is quite useful if u are < 1490, each argos run will net u a lot of free ghls weekly

No wonder you burnt out and quit.

All the content to do on a weekly basis, and you keep doing argos for a couple of GHL? Dude…

i didnt quit dude, where u get that? lol

Well, I saw into your close future, I’m afraid

I am sorry but is this a troll post ?
you pay for a bus before learning how to do the fight yourself? (try/learning party, finding a guild who will teach you or watching a guide)
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻

but true most people have over geared characters so they most of the time want a 5 min run with other people because they are doing it for cards and not the materials.

I really recommend you find a guild to play with and not pay for bus runs if you are new to the game.

u sound like quitting is shameful, lol, there’s lots of better things to do than grinding this repetitive korean game endlessly for sure.

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