Ark Pass can be finished within a few days. WHY is it not monthly?

Cut the cost by a third and make it monthly. Also add a costume to it EVERY month.

Because not everyone has the time to finish it in a few days :x
I think that’s why they made it last longer so people who has less playtime can finish too
Not finishing something bc of irl stuff like exams, work, etc. feels really bad for most players


Thats why I said monthly. Even casuals can finish it in 30days

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The weekly xp limit lets you max out all the levels? That’s lame.

The XP is capped weekly, so if you miss a week, it’ll be harder to catch up
Let’s say someone is in his final exam period and he can’t play this week because he has 3 exams. Well, he would lose up to 500 exp that he can’t get back next week even if he put twice (previous week + current week) combined
So more time means there are weeks you can sorta not do if you really have irl stuff going on or just want to take a break

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oh, didnt pay attention to it. yeah screw that limit.
@Roxx limits suck, same as censorship. pls remove. thx

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I haven’t even been trying to finish the Battle Pass, just getting random BP XP as I do my daily chores and i’m already Lv 20.

So unless the last 10 levels are much more specific in what I need to complete, it looks like the Battle Pass, along with all the April Content patch will be finished before the end of this weekend.

ark pass is a joke
i thought it lets you do something outside your daily stuff.
i just did my daily crap and i am lvl 19 and i didnt even play much. so you finish the ark pass in like 5h play time by not even paying attention to it? lolz.
next time just mail me the mats

How to you get so many points this week you should only able to get 500 from the daily stuff


And that’s because you apparently must be one of those people with 59 billion alts and plays 90 hours a day. YOU ARE NOT THE NORM. Why can’t the hardcores grasp this? Nothing will ever satisfy you folks as a game would have to basically have daily or even hourly content get added.

You people need to just slow the F down and do something else with your lives than play this game.


wtf are you talking about?

The April content patch was south vern story line that is it. Anyone 1340 could be done with it in 2 hours.

I have 3 alts and my main, I am free to play and I play a normal amount of hours.

The BP is basically clearing itself just from all the Weekly and Daily crap you gotta do on a Thursday reset.

Stop blaming others for going to fast and catch the hell up, the average F2P joe IS caught up, they ARE bored and this content patch and BP did nothing at all to solve that.

They either paid to progress it (if you look you can buy xp with blue gems) or did all the one time things which clearly take longer than a day for any normal person. Even there, I don’t think they with the weekly cap would add up to level 19 or 20. Perhaps they would.

“Barely played” though.

Meanwhile, I have not played this game much since the update and I am just under level 3. That’s called barely playing.

Just ignore these people. They are nowhere near the normal player of this game.


I’m level 4 (240 points from the weekly reset), ok than i haven’t overseeing something (what i have seen is that you get 1500 when you buy a upgrade)

you can buy exp with blue crystals. A true whale would have bought level 30 within minutes of the event being released.

They need their engagement metrics to justify their existence though

I paid for the premium and have played around 7-8 hours since the patch, lvl 17 already.

stuck at lvl 16 and done all weekly limit

i didnt relize throwing some flares in two raids and event on 3 characters is considered pay to progress but i totally understand now , after your post.
Doing 2 chaos dungeons and 2 raids only is also payed to progress if you have more then 1 character.
I see, i did not know this as well.
Fixing your armor 20 times. That takes very long as well, Even if it costs you 20 silver cos you just stand there for a little bit to get some dmg done.
How about the boat fixing you gotta do. 20 times . O.o Clearly it is pay to progress.
And dont even get me started on doing some una tasks for exp.
How horribly pay to progress is this? Just wow.
Totally understand you.
I ll try my best to wipe my tears with the new suit skin we are getting.

You can use Blue Crystal (this can be from RC or Gold) to give you 300xp per week. I believe paying for the Premium Pass or Super Premium Pass also gives you 1500 xp (10 levels I believe). So yes, you can pay to progress your Ark pass.

Edit: Added xp amount for Premium/Super Premium.

Edit 2: If you max out the Seasonal(1 time only missions) and Weekly, you’d get 1880 xp. This is 12.5 levels. If you bought the Premium, this should get you to level 22.5 (Corrected math, dunno what happened to me lol)

Why is 1500exp 10 levels but 1880 exp is 18.8 levels? Isn’t one of those figures off?