Ark Pass Counter stuck on (0/3)

It’s not immediately clear what the trailing value is for (0/3) is for. For the daily Una’s task images below, it is interpreted as “finish 3 Una’s tasks, earned up to 3 times” which indeed earn 15 Ark Pass experience per completion. However, while the completion count looks fine the trailing counter seems to be stuck in all instances. Looks like a visual bug.

EDIT: seems it’s really slow to update?

Now it’s completely messed up, having reverted back to 0/3.

Also note the completion of Challenge Guardian raids - if you can only do all three of them total of once per week, how the heck are we supposed to do it 3 times?

(All screenshots from Hotpotgg on NAE Una)

It’s not a visual or any sort of bug.
You’re reading it completely wrong.

For any task, like Una’s when you complete 1 task, if will go to 1/3 and keep on going until 3/3 and revert back to 0/3. This will give you the 15exp and increase the completion count by 1.

The same goes for every task that can be done multiple times.

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Thank you for pointing this out!