Ark pass in na/eu topic

I wanna know how many people are happy that the pass is coming to na/eu

if not why?

More materials are always welcome.




i feel good about the pass its free mats and if you want to spend a little more money it even more mats

but i don’t like the super premium pass that’s dumb in my opinion

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If they keep it a similar length of time then ill be fine. This give people time to increase their pass levels before they decide spending a little money is worth the rewards given in the premium pass.

I wouldnt get a T3 pass because i could just as easily just buy the skin directly from the cash shop and get it immediately. The only real reason to even buy the T3 pass is for players that want to collect all the wallpapers.

Edit: would be nice if we got it in this update to help with mats which i suppose is possible, but id be surprised if we got it before June.

i want to collect as many nice-looking wallpapers as i can. omen wallpaper didn’t look that great so i didn’t buy the set lol

Do we know how much it will be and how long it would cover?

Well, need to see what’s in the Ark Pass, but generally happy about it.

not happy or sad because there’s nothing inherently “fun” about a battle pass to me

i hope there’s no progression materials provided through the pass at all, unless it is offered by the free version of the pass

i’ll pay for the pass if i like the cosmetic rewards, thats about it

Provided nothing changes, one 3-month battle pass every six months. So two per year.

Costs were guessed at I think $30 for premium and $50 for cosmetic premium? But I don’t really remember that part.

Guess it depends what it looks like for the west. They might dumb it down for all the f2p who cried about it and wouldn’t be buying it anyways.

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has it been confirmed already?

Indifferently if this is another speculation thread.
Yeah, more cosmetics and I think there is mats too.

I’m fine with the people who can and are willing to pay. For me it depends on what skin is up on it

I’m looking forward to it. If I could make one deviation from KR I would allow Tier 2 to be purchased with blue crystals like how Crystalline Aura works in NA.

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The free mats and premium tier is cool, probably getting that. However, super premium is just plain stupid.


How is it dumb if you’re not required to buy the super premium?

Battle passes are dumb as a concept IMO, but I’ll probably purchase it provided it’s not too P2W and has a decent amount of stuff in it. AGS has hinted that the Ark Pass coming over here won’t necessarily be identical to what’s in KR, but we’ll see how it shakes out.

The super premium tier is silly though. They should just fold it into premium.

I like it. I’ll be buying it cause I’m not going to pretend I won’t. I just hope the skin is good & if it’s terrible that I can sell it. If the skin is untradable, well I don’t know what I’ll do then. And I hope the mats are roster bound.

I play hundreds of hours in the game, I dont mind paying $20 for a pet and more materials.
Most of the materials come from the free portion of the pass anyways.

Super premium is fine because youre not paying seperately for both tiers.
Youre essentially just paying $50 for the super premium(Skin, wallpaper, blue crystal 1k), which is $30 extra, which is the slighty cheaper of the Omen Skin Special Package.

Seems pretty fair in value.
Oh, and all of it is OPTIONAL. Kek.

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Some people dont want the skin and wallpaper though, and the premium tier would have to go up in price to compensate for adding everything from super premium to the premium tier.

The way its set up is to provide players options for a middle ground option that isnt $50.

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