Ark Pass Increase

The ark Pass is amazing. It is a very good source for materials and silver. Which, most people who are pushing hard for legions will need for their main and alts.

So why is there only 30 levels?
Would it be possible to push it up to 50 and stuff some more silver or something in there for the next one that comes out in the future? I understand changing the current one might be difficult.

No, I’m not completed with it yet. I’m at level 18, but it’s very easy to push through the pass. Training grounds are very good for the missions. None of this fluffy stuff matters.

This also benefits people that want to main swap to a class that has yet to come out or recently dropped. This is a good thing. It takes the " pressure " off. I don’t think there is any pressure personally… But some people do, and doing this benefits everyone, so why not? Is it possible? Let’s dig into it. Considering it’s 3.5 months long… 50 levels is like 0.60 levels per day. That’s 2 chaos gates on a single character. Kinda easy.

TL:DR Push ark pass level to 50 please. Everyone benefits from that. New classes, main swaps, catch up, valtan, let’s go!



I am 3 Level away from finishing it and i would Buy it again if it was possible lol.

But yeah i didn’t think it would be so short


Yea, I saw the videos showing 30 levels per pass but I thought it would be more of a grind.

I’m not asking for it to be made difficult. Leave it where it is lol. Just add like 20 more levels if possible or a ark pass + :rofl:

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Almost done with mine aswell. Lasted about a week and a half for something to do lol.

Glad to hear folks love it and are tearing through it :smiley:


Yea, I love it. I’m pushing so many alts right now that I was to lazy to do earlier.

This plus the events. I love it.

Of course we love it. The event is nice, but pushing the ark pass up to 50 levels would be very helpful for people waiting on the unreleased classes. We could basically horde enough mats to potential hit 1370-1400 the day they drop.

Make it happen :+1:


I’m only 40xp away from level 30. The rewards were good, I definitely enjoyed the special rewards at 10 and 30, the mount and pet. But I agree, it should be at least 50 levels given the time we have to complete it.

It’s a really fun feature because you can gradually get more stuff from doing things you like. Other games give a last unlimited reward which can be repeated.
If we get something along those lines at the end it would be great

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we dont need more mats inside
we need it to lasts longer

It lasts until the middle of July.
That’s another 2.5 months.

What do you mean it needs to last longer with no increase in rewards?

They mean that there should be more than 30 tiers of rewards. People will finish it in 1/2 weeks and then it will give no rewards for 2 monts. Instead it should have more tiers

more xp cap
the thing is the pass dont have to be too “strong” because its buyable with money only so im not sure increasing mats is a good idea
just dont give us 10 lvl at buyout, and dont give us 20 lvl in 10 days :smiley:

it’s great and I agree, 30 levels is way too low for a pass that’s supposed to last 3 months. I’m at level 26 and I took my sweet time… also it’s not helping at all past ilvl 1400. there’s no Great honor leapstones in the rewards, only 60 leapstones per level so only 12 Great ones after conversion. Basically 1 tap lol…

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Only thing I have purchased so far. If they provide us value we will buy it without being whales or regular buyers of crystals.

Easy and rewarding, nothing not to love :smiley: and does not force you to do extra stuff outside of what you already do

We had this discussion in the german forum already and I think adding more materials would cut out the casuals and they will feel like they need to buy ark pass xp maybe.

I would love to do more stuff on the ark pass (I’m done already), maybe like a “reset” or “2nd run” on it? But as a reward it would just give a 2nd round of cosmetics. Maybe even just the same skin a 2nd time for an alt? Just give us more to do when we got the time for it but dont forget about the casuals so that they dont get FOMO.

100 - 150 XP per level.
Very easy weekly tasks that are repeatable.
500 XP cap per week. Without using blue crystals. Let’s argue the " casual " route.

So you basically get 5 levels per week for doing chaos gates, una dalies, abyss dungeons, and guardian raids… Which you are doing anyway.

Now throw in the big boy seasonals that give 50-150 XP each for easy things like repair gear, counter a boss, use a potion, hone gear, etc.

As a casual, playing 1-2 hours 4 days a week AND without paying a single dime you can easily reach level 10 in the ark pass within the first week. Please don’t use some dumb " F2P friendly " or " Support the Casuals " speech here. This isn’t about that. It’s about improving a feature for everyone.

There are 12 weeks in this cycle of the ark pass… You’re saying adding 20 more levels is to much for casuals… But adding a reset with a special cosmetic on the second completion isn’t? I don’t understand.

I’m not saying you’re dumb. I just hate when people try to debate and they fall back on the good old " but the casuals " clause. Improving the pass wouldn’t hurt anyone. If it did, this is the exact situation where the benefits outweigh the ~5% of players that see everyone as a negative.

I would like for it to be increased as well. I know most battle passes I’ve participated in before lasted a few months like this one but the levels went up to 100.

With how XP is gained and having a weekly cap, I don’t know if 100 levels is possible. Right now, assuming all levels require the same 100 XP, you would only hit around 60-65 if you really tried.

50 would be cool because it would offer more materials for everyone to assist the " accelerated release " that AGS wants.