ARK PASS is bad

So are all of you actually fine with a 15 dollar pass for materials that doesn’t give any gold to the f2ps because now you get them for 15 dollars instead of gold



im confused, you want the 15$ pass to include gold?

Only 300k gold. I mean come on bro


no i just want the materials to not exist at all free or payed

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The ark pass is okay… the skin is trash!


Why wouldn’t you want them to give us materials? I don’t get it.


why wouldn’t you want more sources of materials for f2p? im still confused as to what your complaint is in a video game

The 15 dollar pass with materials is my biggest problem

So your problem is because it’s $15?? You know there’s a free path also right?

What is the problem with that ?

Materials being generated that you can acess with 15 dollars that devalue the worth of mats you can sell

Gotcha. Well, there is a FREE PASS as well… and if your upset just remember, its all pixels on a screen and none of it matters to begin with :smiley:

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which item level are u in ?

Naruni and guardian event already did that lol



Very nice. But as whitecoffee said event done it more than arkpass :slight_smile:

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Lost Ark Community: It’s impossible to hone quickly, we need access to more mats!

Amazon: Okay, we’ve added a casual GP race, guardian event and a free pass for honing materials, and, if you wish to progress just a little quicker, an optional upgrade.

Lost Ark Community: This is BS! Amazon is releasing too many mats into the game and now we can’t sell them for gold?

F–k me!
If the real problem is aquiring gold, just say so, and stop blaming every single new mechanic that is introduced into the game.


yes sure but getting things with real money should be kept to gold buying then using it in the market

The ones who spend $ on gold has already done it and gone more far. I don’t think there is a whale lower 1400 waiting for a arkpass to release.