Ark Pass issue/suggestion

Well this post is a suggestion to the developers and to talk about one Issue regarding the ark Pass.
The ark Pass is great thing for player progression all of the rewards are awesome because you can increase a character ilvl or enhance you roster even on the free version.
The issue is for many players of South America server the Royal Crystals prices are not regional, and since the Premium pass costs 1500 Royal Crystals and the super Premium cost 3000 Royal Crystals many players didn’t have the interest in super Premium version because the only rewards is a skin that is in the store ande can be bought with Crystal/Gold via Exchange.
The suggestion I would like to mais was about these rewards that could bê better in the super Premium version and about the duration of ark Pass, we have in the ark Pass weekly and fixed missions for progress the pass levels, the pass hás 30 lvls and when we buy the Premium version we gain 10 lvls plus what que already have, in a week we can progress 3 levels with the weekly exp that Is 500 but in a week we complete more fixed missions that give us more exp, since the pass hás only 30 levels and in a case like mine that i played only the weekly contents and the daily in less than a week I achieved lvl 22 in the Premium Ark Pass in the Max 3 weeks I will achieve lvl 30, and most of the players from our server that bought the Premium Ark Pass are in similar levels than Mine, and in like 3 weeks we will complete the Pass, this explanation was just to justify my argument that the Pass has a longe duration for the number of rewards and it’s progression, so I thought it could be nice if the next Pass has a shorter duration or it has bonus rewards past lvl 30 or lvl max so that it not become one wonderful event that will be forggoten fast.
Thanks for the awesome job that you’re doing with the game I love playing it so much that there isn’t a day that I don’t login to play the game.