Ark Pass not able to upgrade

as ark pass suppose to end on July 14th, but I can’t not upgrade my to get the skin, said sale period is expired, but don’t it end on July 14th?

2022-06-17 11_41_29-Window

Yeah got the same issue but i have bad news. Look to the top right corner of your screen. Yesterday was the last day to buy the upgrade of the pass. I can not come to any reasonable conclusion on gods earth why they do not want to make money out of it anymore and restrict it for the rest of the remaining time, but it is what it is.

we are to late pal.

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like gorbard said, top right is the date to buy premium. u had 2 months to buy it, and now ur late.

Is too late right now, the ark pass was available before 16th June.

still does not make sense why it is not available till the last day of the pass. Why miss out on the money? Can a mod or cm forward this? Maybe SG/AGS can extent this? Some of us are beginners and are late to the party.