Ark pass: take selfie

Hi want clear these 2 steps for the Ark pass but i don’t have print button on my keyboard.
With F12 i can take screenshots in selfie mode but they don’t count for the quest, how can i do?

try using the windows on-screen keyboard! it should have a print screen option that might work out

  • the other way would be using your mouse software to remap the button to the PrnScr,
  • or the same done with something like AutoHotKey to remap another key to PrnScr
  • or try to find PrnScr on your keyboard as it would be weird to not having it as it’s part of standard. Like notebook keyboards have it hidden under some Fn+something key, others may even use Alt or similar

If you don’t have prtscn I assume you have an Fn key, if so Fn + Windows + spacebar does the same

I tried but the software crash when i try to do that, maybe the game doesn’t allow external software for “bot - anti cheat security”

I tried this doesn’t work

I have Asus ROG Zephyrus s17 GX703 look like it doesn’t have the button on keyboard it was one negative point on review. I don’t get why F12 doesn’t count for the quest because it takes actually the screenshot but the counter don’t grow

In that case if you press windows then look for “on-screen keyboard” you should get one up like so:

You need to click back in the game then click “prtscn” (just tested this method out and it took a selfie for me)

What is the selfie mode?

It’s a free camera type mode for screenshots, it should be under your minimap, if not click the burger menu to the right and add it in (might need to remove other quick menu items first)

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Thank you

any time :smiley:

Ah just checked, with the addition of the event quick button it got pushed off the end (it used to be the last one under the minimap by default)

Edit: I’m not into screenshotting lots either; in fact I only knew where it was because I removed it to put the pvp arena on the bar :joy:

I hadn’t any idea where to find this normal i don’t care over screens it isn’t my world, but thank for the help so i have the quest cleared

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After one thousand of try i did in some way, the software still crush when you try to combine selfie mode with virtual keyboard but they counted at the end, i did it.

Thank you everyone for the support

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