Ark Pass Weapon Deleted

Hi, I had been using the ark pass weapon on my character since I unlocked it, and logging in right after maintenance I realized I no longer have the skin. To be clear, the skin was from the chest that was supposedly fixed to be roster bound. Not sure if there was some issue that came up from that, but I would like my skin back. My other character that purchased the chest from the shop for blue crystals still has her weapon.

I am not sure what happened here exactly.

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Sorry to hear about this! What’s your character name and the server you are on?

Thank you for your quick response, but it’s actually my bad. I guess I had misinterpreted what the update was aiming to do, as it would still remove an already opened weapon skin. I was under the impression it was simply refunding the chest itself/making it roster bound if it was not opened. It was in my universal storage, the one place i did not check. Everything is good.

Awesome! Glad that worked out for you. :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any other questions!