Ark Week Big Problem

You know the situation doesnt looks good, right? Some points:

  1. That poster with no further information about limitation of founder packs and only appearing in another corner of the channel…
  2. Players refunding Fonder Packs… Steam got a cooldown to receive money back(7 days) and might be too late to buy back…
  3. Twitch subscriptions and bits used…

With just point 1, i belive it can be used for some legal problems…
If you try to only help those who were bad affected by the post, those who bought will be unfairly treated

PS: i saw that those who tried to use bits and get points in the channel, the value changed so some used more or less bits to get some extra points. This is chaos…
PSS: im not involved in this mess but i clearly see this is a BIG PROBLEM, right?

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As soon as I saw people rushing to gift subs and bits to pre-farm channel points and talking about refunding their founders packs, I knew this was gonna be a disaster lol


I mean if you are dumb enough to believe that you will get a guaranted 100$ worth pack out of few bucks then its not Amazon’s problem… Sure it’s missleading but use a common sense.

It’s not a donaught selling company.

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TBF i doubt many people were stupid enough to do any of these things.

I’ve already seen a couple people in here saying they refunded their pack just in case they get one in this. Don’t underestimate people :wink:


Also all those people were clearly exploiting the system. Stream wasn’t even live, they were botting Prime Subs.

That’s like going to rob a bank, get caught and then be like - but you said I can rob you!

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problem is that they posted it was a guaranteed thing, at the moment they posted and minutes after the information spread, pre-farm was already happening.

before that i was watching the channel, very few individuals were only donating bits and there were no restrictions in chat.

also, stream doesnt have to be online to subscribe.

I went to check out the chat room, you can do that even if they aren’t live and it wa a crazy people were gifting massive amounts of subs! And bits! They must have made soo much money in that

Well thats what ppl get for trying to abuse the system lol

The reason they are giving out packs is to promote the game when that channel and game will be live.

This what people were doing doesn’t help the game, if the channel is not even live. It’s clearly an exploit people found and now they are butthurt.

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Keep your expectations low amirite!!

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…and what if they refund? I have plat pack and I do not plan to use this twitch drop thing, cause it’s just about luck.

Basicly, you pay for the 100% service instead of a luck based one. I have no problem with that. If you feel lucky and desperate , go for it. I wouldn’t.

I wasn’t dumb enough to do it but to be fair, in your example the bank did say “hey here, you can take the money, guaranteed!” Then walked out back to “well ok a limited amount of people can take money guaranteed but still you can take it!” Then again to “ok so if you open a checking account with us we’ll deposit $50 but only for like the first 10 people, but still bank with us!” AND then they said “Ok so we know you deposited money but turns out we’re just gonna give it money randomly at very small intervals instead, sorry.”

Lesson to those who did waste $ or jump the gun, If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

My review of the event:

  1. Miscommunication is always unpleasant, so next time you need to take all the announcements more seriously and convey this to your partners.
  2. There was information about a dubious way to get packs through Claim (because of bots), but it seems the system has been changed, so it is no longer relevant. Rather, +1 to the first point: “You need to think very carefully in advance and then announce events”.

I don’t see a problem in this myself, because I already have a pack, but if instead of packs there were limited cosmetics, I would also be unpleasant.

P.S. If people refund packs on steam it’s a good lesson for the future, “no one in this world will give you $100 packs for $10” (c) Confucius

oh well, someone’s in big trouble.

Even tho they are in the wrong here, still i hope people use this as a lesson to no jump in headfirst on what seemed at start too good to be true, based on rumors and a poor written vague statement.

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They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

How unprofessional.

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