Arkesia event coin abundance

Greetings everyone

New event is good,giving everyone mats and stuff but i have a problem with event coins
i have 6k coin and nothing to spend it(took everything from npc already)
players saying that it will be refreshed and yes that is correct but it is still does not fix the problem
i believe devs should add something that can be tradeable with event coins(silver,rapport ETC…)

An abundance is nice though. Now that you know that you will have around 6k too much per week, you don’t need to do races anymore.

I assume you are doing chaos/guardian and stuff with alts.

The shop is imo great like it is, it gives people that don’t play alts, or as much as others, the same chance to buy out everything.

Crying because too many coins. Crying because not enough coins. What the hell is going with humanity in eu and na?

That shop refreshes weekly. Not everyone will do the event and play it every day to get 100000000 coins. Some will do 2 times / week. Enough to buy the shop.

Do something better with your time :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not really a problem, but I am a bit sad that the actual race event feels pointless to do itself because you get so many coins from other activities. I won’t be doing the race event anymore because it’s just a waste of time- I kind of wish they lowered the tokens you got from other activities and increased the tokens you got from actually doing the race because it is a fun quirky little minigame, but I don’t really feel like doing it for no reward

It is fine for people that want to do the race daily, simply because they enjoy it. Not everything in a game should end up as a cogwheel in an exercise for efficiency.

Granted I completely see your point, but as somebody that enjoys playing efficiently I’d like an excuse to stop the endless chaos dungeons, and go play the minigame and feel rewarded for playing the minigame. But as it stands the minigame for players like me is just a waste of time because we’ll buy out the entire shop every week without participating.

Look at the bright side, you can buy the entire next week’s shop as soon as it resets without having to play anything.

I find the event itself really fun, items is shop are also great, but they have such low prices because they know they f-ed up badly and are trying to make up for it in any way possible. This is as close as it gets to handing out free mats as a compensation for missing content.

Really like your solution of making the race more rewarding while other stuff a bit less.

I like the race, but I also know others that don’t like it and they are very glad that they don’t need to do it and can get the stuff from other sources.

Its again something where you never will be able to make everyone happy. In the end our surplus of coins is a luxury “problem” we all can live with I think.

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