"Arkesia Glory & Honor Skins" straight out missing from the shop

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that we are missing skins in the in game shop.

Indeed, here is the new skins trailer picture from the patch note :

And here are the two we have in the shop right now :

So we are missing those two :

Is it normal ? Are they coming on a later date ?

Thank you in advance for providing the answer to that question AGS cuties because from the patch note it was clear that we would get all of those and not just the two.

[Edit : added the proper name of the concerned skins]



I would really like to get an answer on that matter.


@Roxx @Maselbart please explain why half of the skin line is missing and why do we have to pay over 50€ just to get the black one?


just side question, who would buy those 1st & 2nd things, when u get awesome cape with buying 3rd & 4th?

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Hi @Roxx
In addition to these, is it intended there to be no separate weapon boxes in the shop for this skin set? Also, any chance that you might have some information about whether the skins with fur / coat will be added? Thanks!


@roxx pls wee need to know about it, in the images it was with the cape. In korea is with the cape. Idk why them arent in our continent.


Yeah i was about the buy it but the one i actually want is missing,

  • the normal pack only contains white version

and the big pack has black + white

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To be exact the bundle contains 2x white sets, 1x black set, and a weapon.

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still missing 2 versions with the cape


Amazon will not comment. I recommend sending a message via Twitter directly to Smiliegate. False advertising is a CRIME!

Find twitter post about it: https://twitter.com/diegues_joao/status/1592945716657520640


@Roxx please clarify this


Not sure if they ever intended to release the last two. The first two are fidelity and will, the last two are glory and honor skins.

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@Roxx please! :cold_sweat:

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They are searchable in the market right now, so I think they are meant to come at the same time.


Can we get a feedback on that matter ? I understand that the update brought many issues but I believe this one deserves to be addressed aswell


@Roxx Answers?

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They talked about it, only next week.

ah yes, i forgot you have to watch 20 threads here.

thanks :wink: