Arkesia Grand Prix Shop

Can u increase the rewards u can get from the shop? I got 10k+ at the moment (im pretty sure 90% of us do) and no where to spend them.
Atleast make it that u can buy same as pirate coins ( per char)

Sorry for my bad English.

This has already been talked about and its happening tomorrow.

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Problem is they are only adding honing % books and i bet u can only buy a couple.


Hope they increase the rewards u can get

People asked for more mats and they give us 10 percent books lmao I swear their team are such amateurs… The books make zero change in your honing percentage in the grand scheme. I’m sure the forums will be flooded with rage again tomorrow rinse repeat next week. Either way I still got 80 islands to do so it’s whatever.

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wrong info

i hab 30k and did grand prix 3 times ^^

They said repeatedly that they are adding honing % books therefore, there will be “more to purchase”. They haven’t said anything about adding additional materials like stones or shards.

Correction: They added more stones for the update. Still going to have excess though.


  • Added Metallurgy & Tailoring Books (used to increase honing rates) to the weekly reward table.
  • Increased quantities of weekly honing materials to ensure players are rewarded for participation.
    • Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound) is now in bundles of 50 and can be redeemed up to 10 times.
    • Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound) is now in bundles of 150 and can be redeemed up to 10 times.
  • Increased coins earned to make purchasing the new items and snagging the rewards you want easier. Chaos Dungeons and Guardian raids now grant 125 coins (instead of 100) for the first two daily completions per character. The Grand Prix itself can now award up to 888 coins for a daily completion, up from 800.

There’s a new daily event where you can buy mats

Grand Prix is already insane anyways, I got 3 alts into T3 because of it and now I’m just funneling mats. It’s been great and starting tomorrow, it’s gonna be even better