Arkesia Paper Hat Chest Twitch Drop

I was just wondering if anyone knew when the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest is available I have been keeping an eye on it over the last few days but the streamers to watch to get it still haven’t changed and I know it will still be around until March 1st but I haven’t been able to find out much about it anywhere really.

I just don’t wanna miss out on this drop!

It is gone. You had to watch specific streamers participating in Legends of Lost Ark. All regions are on the t4 drop now, so you can get the hoverboard but all other drops are now unobtainable. You had to watch while the region was at that specific tier of drops.

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:frowning: god dammit this is the worst

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Actually you are misinformed. You shouldn’t give advice unless you’ve fully researched the issue. Roxx has said to keep your eyes peeled on streamers as the month progresses. Various streamers will be bouncing back and forth to old drops again.

Did you think they were going to spend an entire next month with Tier 4 only listed in their streams.

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Where’s that post? last i heard was they might bring them back, but nothing was promised.

five seconds of research, you’re welcome. They aren’t going to tell people to stay tuned with a smiley face if it isn’t known behind the scenes.

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That is hardly a confirmation on rolling back to previous drops.

Stay tuned, for how long? 6 months down the line? A year?

I mean SOT does bring drops back around the same time every year.

Streamers have no control over what drops are active. Drops are controlled by the publisher. Unless Amazon decides to implement streamer control just for LA.

Not sure if you’re choosing to be dense at this point or not… The legends of lost ark programming ends at the beginning of march. How long do you think you’ll need to stay tuned? Common sense tells us that based on her post: 1.) The streamers will be cycling back to the previous tier rewards and 2.) it will be between now and the end of legends of ark 3.) It was designed this way to give streamers a chance to stream until March so that people who missed out initially could catch up.

Clearly you’re just looking for something to argue about because I called you out for giving people bad advice. just take the tip and move on.

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its gone already. last i checked which was yesterday the pet was still up but might not be anymore. if you go into the drops tab on twitch and it has the suggested streamers as long as it’s anyone besides the 2 Amazon ones which seem to always be “offline” then you can get them.

basically how it worked was doesn’t matter what team they are on if that team is still in an older tier you could watch a streamer from that team and get the reward still. but all teams are on tier 3-4. EU and NA are on 4 already i know idk about Latin America team that was on tier 3 yesterday but likely on 4 already.

Any of the streamers listed in the legends of lost ark event can give you the rewards, they will be cycling back to the previous tiers of drops some point soon, Roxx gave a pretty clear hint at that. Just keep an eye out, any streamer who can give the tier 4 mount can also do the tier 2 or 1 stuff. They just moved on from those rewards quickly because they earned the earlier ones much faster than the later on ones.

After everyone has exhausted the Tier4 stuff over the next few days they will cycle back to old ones. The event goes on till early march

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i hope so the writting in the thread made no sense otherwise as it just stats the event is up but yea i know a lot of us have missed out on the older rewards. i just need tier 1 but yea would like them to cycle back

This was her response when people asked if the earlier drops would be available again soon from streamers before the event ends in March.


There is a paper hat vendor in game, requirws 6,600 of the twitch crystal currencyI believe

yea i think later on after tier 4 seems like everyone just has tier 4 unlocked now besides the fox pet. maybe 1-2 more days. hopefully it will fully unlock drops now not specific drops for specific streamers only. that way if we want say tier 1 we can watch anyone rather then those who just enabled tier 1 drop.

i’d assume that is how it would go so we can pick what drops we want specifically or whatever drops we actually missed out on

This is false information, you can absolutely get the other drops, you just have to watch the streamers for 4 hours on the ones that have all drops or the drop you are looking for.