Arkesia's Will skin only in the pack?

So… if you want to buy the white version of the skin, you’re lucky - it’s only 2k Royal Crystals. However, if you want the black version you’re basically f*cked cause the only way you get it is if you buy the whole ‘pack’ which is 5.7k crystals. How stupid is that? Why are unable able to buy the ‘Will’ version separately from the white one?

They said they did that to keep it “rare” also you can buy it in AH on NAW its 40k gold i believe
super expensive imo as the white ones are 15k ea

But that’s just fucking stupid. In EUC they’re 30k and the white ones are 16k…

I havent checked but are they dyable? if so you could just go around it and get the white to dye it lol

OR wait until they do the black friday thing where they release the ones with caps too? not sure if that is 100% accurate ill have to go check it lol

no, unfortunately they’re not dyeable :frowning:

November Update Skins
Some players were confused by the skin selections available in the store following our November Update, and we wanted to provide clarity on this.

  • The Arkesia’s Will skin is only available as a part of the Combo Skin Pack, and we have confirmed that this is intended. The Arkesia’s Will skin was only given as a bonus in the Korean version of the game to players who purchased 4 sets of the Arkesia’s Fidelity and Glory skins, so the team wanted to maintain its rarity across all regions of the game.
  • The Arkesia’s Glory and Arkesia’s Honor skin sets will be released next week as a part of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale — stay tuned for more information!

Different ones with the cape and all will be available next week! so just wait patiently i suppose?

Yeah, I guess we’ll have to see. Imagine if they put the black version of that one behind a £45 paywall again :rofl:

I’d hope that because its black friday/cyber monday it will be cheaper… not more expensive LOL but we will have to wait and see lol

The black fur skins are 100 pounds naaaaah no way

i bought it for 2 reasons. 1 the pack is worth the money spent if you wanted to justify it that way. 2. the exact black skin on KR version currently, goes for like 1.5m gold LOL because no one wanted to pay that $100 so i bought it in hopes i can sell it for a quick flip in a few months! but i dont blame you its SUPER expensive wtf…