ArkPass is it monthly subscription or one time purchase

The new future Ark Pass is it one time purchase or am ı gonna have to buy it again and again ? Cant find thing about it on google. Thanks in advance.

pass lasts 3 months

And am ı gonna buy it again ? After 3 months ? Just asking for clarification.

The Ark Pass is a 3 month event that happens 3 times a year - you pay to take part in the events when they happen.

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we don’t really know yet, it might be different for west

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No, we do know. The changes to the Ark Pass were related to the rewards, not the purchasing model - that remains unchanged.

AGS doesn’t even know what they’re going to the next day but well, keep coping.

What if I’ve done the battle pass, then suddenly decided to buy premium a month after. Do I get the previous rewards?

What the fuck are you talking about, how is correcting you saying it’s unknown just because you personally don’t know “coping” about anything?

You do indeed.