Armored Nacrasena is so HARD!

with the punika pass, a sudden influx of 1302 char is now unbearable…

ppl even come into raid without pot, without an ability stone, let alone engraving book or gem and use up all resurrect in the first couple of minutes.

So stay away from matchmaking for some time

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yep, try using the party finder for now

Just wait a few days when they reach Yoho. Oh boy.

Yup quality of the early T3 guardians has really dropped. Been just using party finder now.

Granted the quality of the groups has declined for yoho and deska already the last few weeks as well. Yoho’s used to be cleared in about 3-4mins. Haven’t had a sub 5min kill now in forever with MM. Deska about the same the the last week have all taken over 5 (getting 2 run away phases almost constantly).


why even do it, i mean i pushed my striker with pass and event to 1380 and skipped everything and going straight to yoho

Same here, pushing to 1370 was really painless. I don’t see how you could run out of resources unless you’re missing the stronghold buff (or decided not to express pass this character for some reason).

Solo it. At least i did that with my destroyer

Yoho is the easiest of all the bosses on that tier until you get to descaluda. The only hard part of yoho is the blue meteors and thats not even hard. If you get turned you just run away and wait. Its not a big deal.

The time difference is also partly due to the fact that not as many over geared people run them. People always did yoho instead of valganos because of difficulty. Then when deskaluda came out they did that because it was easier. And now we have ice turtle that… while annoying. Also isnt difficult. The player base just moved on. And if other people are like me they dont waste pheons on their alts and therefore probably arent even 3 x 4. My 1410 deadeye is only 3x3

So. The hyper pass is misleading and it tells you to run the guardians if you look to the left and also says you jave to fo igrexion if you highlight the line. But you dont. Also some people wont have the extra xp shards. That was the only limit i ran into but i had extra ones from before.

True. My first run yesterday we lost at 66% hp, second team and we lost at 43% hp with only me alive. Then i rushed 1340 to see Igrexion and things was a litte better.
Let’s see today if Yoho will be the nightmare i think it will be.

If you’re missing one piece of anything (Armor or jewel and stones) the character shouldn’t be able to matchmake content.