Armored Nacrasena

One of my alts is at 1325. It’s been nearly impossible today to do the Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid today with all the new 1302 characters coming in with no skills, engravings. Everyone is dying within 2 min. It’s crazy.

yeah i found the same issue. I was running it on my like 1320 Artillerist i used the express on, and I think it was 3 matchmakings in a row that was a failure. At one point I was just hitting the boss and I died and there was no rezs, turned out I was the last one alive. Managed to clear in on the 4th MM though. Brutal though, same with Oreha HM earlier, got matched with a bunch of arcanas at ilvl with 1 lvl 3 engraving and just quit out 3 times in a row and found a party.

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Solution: don’t do Armored Nacrasena but hone your way up to 1340 for Igrexion.

If that’s not possible for whatever reason, then make your own party.


Yeah…at 1325, I shouldn’t be finishing the raid with 54% damage on a Wardancer with half-ass engravings, but it’s happening.

This wasn’t posted because I couldn’t find a solution. I was just sharing my experience today. The point I was making was that it’s crazy how 1302 new characters that aren’t even setup are entering this and dying instantly…I mean no stones equiped, no potions…nothing. Kinda inconsiderate.

If you’re so good and all these other noobs are holding you back, as you say, why not just solo it? That’s an option you know

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I went straight to Yoho with my deadeye lol

It’s easy to carry Armored Nacrasena if you’re on a class that can kite the adds since all other damage is easily avoidable. Even if your group is braindead, which is usually the case, the only thing you should have to worry about is a votewipe. if you found it “nearly impossible” and you were properly geared that’s not something I’d share, personally…

bussing, carries to one shot the boss for most players
welcome to a world where players have friends one shotting the boss for them or a party finder that is filled with just busses
whales and busses is what is left and the norm now for all content but vykas
rip the community and the playerbase trying to do content on ilvl or learning anything

You know that you could just do it solo, right? That or make a party in “Find Party”. Sounds like your own fault for queing Matchmaking where it’s the lowest quality possible.

It’s not inconsiderate. Only requirement to join is having 1302 ilvl. Technically they don’t need anything else that’s why Matchmaking exists.

Yes…I’m aware. Again, wasn’t looking for a solution, but just sharing my experience as I already stated. Reading is hard.

Not at all what I said, but hey…run with that assumption.

Those weren’t even the new players. New players can’t use the Powerpass everyone gets for free cause they don’t have a main that has done all Punika purple quests. So if you had 1302’s like that they were people who already have chars in T3 and just didn’t bother setting up their freshly power passed alt but then again idk why they didn’t just boost it to 1370 then.

If they WERE new players they would’ve had to BUY the Punika Pass for 5.5K Royal Crystals which at that point they’d probably just buy the mats too. I don’t think new players would’ve rushed from Level 1 to Level 50 and did entire T1 and T2 honing even with global buffs today.

I had no issue with igrexion so hone a bit to get past that zone. I did roll support though and was just spamming abilities of CD. EZ mvp

People who are done with their dailies should do a couple of runs on their main in matchmaking. Not a fix but if there are enough nice people it can help.

well said

Definitely…and I now have moved on to Igrexion. I was sharing my observation and not looking for a solution. I did manage to get my raids done. The 1st time I’ve had failures with this character, especially more than one, was today. It was definitely a different matchmaking experience today.

Correct…but, today was full of 1302s not boosted yet. They were definitely power pass characters…a handful of Arcanists too.

It’s temporary though because people aren’t going to spend pheons for accessories they will replace. It will go back to normal in a few weeks when people drop average ones in chaos or something.