Armory extension not working


Somehow I get this error every time I try to Link my accounts. The accounts are linked because on the page where you can link it says unlink but on twitch in the extension settings it still says link.

Same issue here, it’s been like this for a week or two it seems.

Hey @Funky72 hope you’re having a nice day!

I’m really sorry for this inconvenience with the armory extension not working, this is not experience we want you to have, I’ll take a look into this situation.

On the meantime please try following again the steps on the link below:

Try to link the accounts again and I hope to come back with an update soon!

Hope it’s useful!

Hope you’re all doing awesome!

Wanted to come by and check if this issue persisted for both of you @Funky72 @protectems.
Please let me know, as well if it does remember you can use the following link for further assistance in regards this matter:

Hope it’s useful, see you on Arkesia!

Yeah, still not working. Twitch support couldnt so anything :frowning:

Seemed functional yesterday for me, though I did reconnect my steam etc again which had a different UI from before, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

How’s it going @Funky72? Hope you’re doing awesome.

Really sorry for the delay, I see you’re still experiencing this situation. As a reminder lets make sure everything needed is up to date (Windows, Steam, LA).

Hey glad to hear it’s working and thanks for the tip provided to @Funky72, you can try what was suggested above by @protectems.

Hope to see you on Arkesia!