Arthetine Hidden Story End of His Obsession Bug

“End of His Obsession #1/2” does not give the buff when collecting it in Nebelhorn Lab. After collecting it I went to “End of His Obsession #2/2” without the buff inside of Verdantier with no luck. I’m assuming the bug is with part 1 not giving the 19 minute buff to collect part 2.


Yes, it’s true, the object 1/2 is clickable, but you don’t get a buff from it, so the second object in the dungeon is invisible and unclickable, so you can’t complete it… /sad

Tried 2 times. Does indeed not work!

its not a bug.
if u read the text when u click it says something like, this can’t be his recorder, maybe u will found it somewhere nearby.
continue walking in that corridor and turn your left and u will find more 2 parts 1/2, one of it gives u the buff.
read things before saying its a bug hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


@Vanitra LOL, well you’re right, the item is just way off, so it’s a good embarrassment.

Anyway, it’s a better option than if it was bugged.

Thanks for the info!

@Bov feel free to label Vanitra post as a solution, it’s as he says :slight_smile:

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God bless you, my friend! Funny thing, in my first try, I got the right one, but went to wrong dungeon. Later, found the right dungeon, but kept picking the wrong first story and got mad! Now, you saved my mental future! :))