Arthetinean Engraving Didn't change

So, I’m looking at my machinists class engravings affter the patch. I see that Evolutionary legacy changed per the patch notes AND in game.

Arthetinean engraving did not. It still just says “Drone and joint skill damage”, not “normal, drone and joint skill damage”.

Logged out, restarted the game, etc but still shows the old engraving tool tip.

  • Before: Drone and Joint skill Damage +15/20/25%. Max Battery +10/15/20%. Move Speed +10% when Drones are attached to a Machinist.

  • After: NORMAL, Drone, and Joint skill Damage +15/20/25%. Max Battery +10/15/20%. Move Speed +10% when Drones are attached to a Machinist.

I checked

  • After : During Hypersync Mode, on hit, Sync skills inflict Damage +2/4/6% (Max. 3 stacks) and Cooldown for Sync skills excluding Movement skills and Stand Up skills -0.5s. Also, Cooldown of Sync skills is reset when entering Hypersync Mode, and it returns 40% of its Core Energy cost when canceled.

I left Ironman manually and didnt got 40% return. Same problem like Arthetinean?

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@roxx @Shadow_Fox I think the engravings for machinist are broken. Any confirmation?

Bump. Any help or ideas? @Sandovall can you shed some light?

there seems to be a lot of translation issues , afaik if u cancel transformation early u get 40% back of ur currently used meter so the earlier u cancel transform the less u get back. Cd’s when transformed seem to be reset when u transform back as intended.

Arthetinean also didnt seem to update its description or didnt update correct with the patch , although the changes seem to work , for example i do feel raid missiles being faster.

That’s not new about getting back how many meter left. It existed already before the patch, that’s why I was confused.
But reset get-up and space are great, especially helpful for Prokel Fight. Yeah, faster casting for Drone, I noticed too.

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Maybe the missiles and animations are faster, but I think the main issue is with the Arthetinean Engraving itself
I tested it on Trixion (but my tests maybe weren’t enough or really precise) and I don’t think that the Engraving is boosting Normal Skills, as it’s said to be doing

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Agreed. It doesn’t seem to have updated correctly. I wish a mod would take a look at this thread.

If anyone is still curious about this - I wrote a ticket to the support and actually got a response

Here it is