Arthetinean Skill Machinist needs more Weak Point!

A traditional 422 build only has one lv1 weak point skill in their kit. Although Awakening and transformation can be used for weak point occasionally, they are not consistent and reliable enough. On the other hand, there are some skills that have decent weak point, but they are not widely used in all builds. You’d either sacrifice your damage or your favorite rotation for them.

Suggestion: 1) give Energy Buster lv2 weak point; or 2) add a weak point effect to the Additional Shot tripod of the Strategic Fire skill.

In my opinion, both changes make sense given the feeling of the skill impact and their animation.

Honestly once the class balance comes, with the tripod change on Flarebeam to more DMG, I’m hoping its not far behind baby drone in DMG and will drop that for my 422 build but the 332 will be very nice running that instead of carpet bomb for the 2 weak pt and more consistent upfront DMG.

And for which skill should in theory have weak point, annihilation should. Name wise and the fact it’s not as useful as energy buster for stagger etc.

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In my opinion, after being an ABC class and suffering a lot from the battery, a buff both to its battery regeneration and more damage in certain abilities (also the fact of destruction) would be great…
the 8% buff to his yellow skills well… it doesn’t feel like much… and the fact that his minidrons are very inacurrate makes it stressful…

ahhhhhhhhh and not to mention the fact that when you have the drone with you you gain 10% movement speed, but you lose it when you roll any drone hability because it moves away and positions itself (of course you always have to have mobile shot active) but there are many opportunities where you waste time, it would help a few more things that give superarmor :frowning:

We don’t have the 8% buff yet and the AT engraving also added normal skills so it’s greater than 8%. The battery issue is pretty true, I wish AT engraving at each level increased resource regeneration.