Arti Build Best PvE DPS

As the title states i’m curious on some feedback from my fellow Artillerists. Currently I am running like this (Spec/Crit) :

I’m curious if I should change my Firepower Enh engrav towards Cursed Doll to output even more DPS , is it worth it ? As well Salvation set instead of Shrieking. What are your thoughts on this?

P.S I know the ATK Red ruins it quite a bit but from my pov it’s barely noticeable.
P.S.S Changing my set through set conversion to Salvation will affect my set quality , right? (noob question)

Best Artillerist build for PVE is Barrage Enhancement, Grudge, All Out Attack, Keen Blunt, Adrenaline. You can swap Adrenaline for Cursed Doll.

updated so dont use 2 class engs. if u want play spec so u should change firepower with cd or hm

Change Firepower → Adrenaline and as for stats, I run a swift/spec necklace with the Hallucination set as an alternative to a crit/spec necklace with the Salvation set; the added cooldown reduction and movement speed is a nice quality-of-life tradeoff for a smidge of damage lost.

Also, your quality levels are tied to the gear pieces not which set they are (you can freely convert sets).


Really appreciate that info input on the sets , i was worried i would be loosing the quality converting to Salvation for example.

Swap firepower with adrenaline and you good. Firepower is kinda useless for you.

Drop firepower for hit Master

While hit master is an option, adrenaline provides more damage overall (especially with keen blunt weapon). Hitmaster also doesn’t affect awakenings either.