Artificial server limits on a game with channels

So let’s get real, the server limits are not necesarry on games that split servers into channels, channels are separate servers linked together, any limits they are imposing on players are simply artificial and not necessary from a technical standpoint, they could just add more channels. Like it’s done in just about every mmo.

But no, instead we are now screwed and unable to play with our friends, we are literally being punished for giving them money, thanks AGS. I guess.


Tell me you don’t understand how the server structure works without telling me you don’t understand how the server structure works …


Really? Have you ever played a single MMO? Interesting NONE of them ever had these issues just the ones published by AGS… Hell even Lost Ark didnt have these issues on KR and RU.

I mean, that’s completely incorrect. Many games with “channels” and/or virtual servers have had problems - especially at launch. Ask NCSoft all about that - they’re probably number one with that problem in the last decade.

But, like has been the case the last few days, nothing Amazon/Smilegate does will be good enough so … nothing said (and proven) will matter, right? It’s just a personal grudge at this point. It is what it is. :woman_shrugging:

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I have hosted plenty of servers like this myself, I do know. So go on, enlighten me.

Channels are in physical separate hardware, case closed.

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Thats completely incorrect.

This game isnt new, it has been out for some 3 years in Korean and Russian regions. It should have been a miracle to mess up the launch.

Even more so these EXACT same problems were in New World, another game published by AGS since day one its not like they appeared over the last few days only in Lost Ark.

They can also be virtual. Source - it’s a part of my career. :wink:

If you want to get into specific details, surely you’ll PM me and we can keep it out of the thread diluting it more than it already is. Of course, as I’ve already experienced here this week, people would rather keep their egos in check in public - then delete/alter their posts later on to hide what happened. Just par for the course here on these forums it seems. It’s a shame.

@TakedaUrun The game isn’t new, Amazon’s publishing, and their own hardware, is. NW is an in-house Amazon game whereas LA is created by Smilegate and PUBLISHED by Amazon in select regions. Amazon would need to go to Smilegate to get some specific changes made (as already stated several times by a few CMs the past few days). So the problems with NW and LA might parallel each other, behind the scenes, they’re technically vastly different in a myriad of ways in terms of handling and practical output.

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100% true. Channels can be spread across multiple bare metal servers.

Bro Korea and Russia have server transfers and didnt have issues like this. Some 5-6 additional classes and less character name limitations then we have here.

Amazon got a complete game , already published in multiple regions , from Smilegate and still found a way to mess everything up.

They had ONE job to do and still made a mess of it.

of course they can, and if they aren’t then they are just doing it wrong.

yes THEY can be hosted on the same hardware, but that defeats the whole point of channeled servers.
they should be near “infinitely” scalable with more hardware, so yes the limits are still artificial, and yes i have also worked in this area, i do know these things oh Mr clever boy.

I can’t, and won’t, speak to other Lost Ark launches as I wasn’t a part of them and know nothing about them. If you have some literature I can read about those launches (preferably in English but I can handle other languages as needed), I’d love to catch up during my own personal downtime - it’d be a fun read I think to see what, if anything, has changed outside of publishing protocols.

Your take of, “they had one job” is fictitious. That “one job” they had to do actually entailed hundreds of other jobs embedded into itself. From marketing to fee structures to regional encoding to rights of publication to my personal favorite or sourcing server and component hardware during a global pandemic where chips are nearly impossible to find, but the list goes on. But you know all this already, right? “case closed” and all that, you said?

Also, you keep saying you know things than say things that contradict the knowledge you say you have. I don’t really have much anything left to say in this conversation - it’s just going in circles and, you know everything already so what’s really left to be said? It’s after 1a, I gotta get to bed … been a super long day. Ciao!

so you are saying channels can’t be hosted on different hardware? answer that question :wink:

Oh come on mate, enough with the emojis. Stop trynna make urself look smart when all u talk about is nonsense

I never said they couldn’t - however - you DID say …

As I said, g’night. :slight_smile:

so if they can. there is no REAL reason for server limits, case closed. thanks

How does marketing and fee structures have anything to do with BASIC parts of the game ? They made a mess of the basic parts of the game which have already been working on RU and KR for YEARS even before the pandemic.

But ye how could i not imagine someone blaming covid for everything…

You just talk gibberish man.

Love how the first reply says it all. You’re all just speculating, none of you know how the servers are set up for this game, or how the network code works…

its not speculation, is pretty much how channels work in any game normally.