Artillerist after update

So probably looking to hyper express the artillerist after the patch on Wednesday.

I know there has been changes. Can anyone just supply me the cliff notes please?

Engravings to aim for? Crit/spec or crit/swift. New skills to use?

Any help would be appreciated

Quickest cliff notes:

The devs split the current meta into two based on engravings.

Firepower enhancement is losing the crit bonus but the gauge doesnt decay after reaching max for 20 seconds, it will play like Reflux Sorceress kind-of (consistent damage, go crit/swift with nightmare set).

Barrage enhancement is gaining crit during barrage mode (chair form) and will be quite a bit stronger then currently. Now it will use the all-out attack engraving since the laser is changing to a holding skill. Gravity explosion is getting buffed too (another holding skill). This will play somewhat similar to Igniter Sorceress (burst rotation, go full spec and either crit with salivation set or swift with hallucination set).

Artillerist is also losing freeze shell for a new skill but I’m not familiar with tge new skill (barrage build doesnt use it).

The new skill is called something along the lines of High-Pressure Thermal Bullet. It is a charging or combo skill (depending on Tripods), so it doesn’t benefit from All-Out Attack. It does damage comparable to Homing Barrage and decent stagger (but nowhere near Napalm).

Many regard it as hard to fit into the Barrage Enhancement rotation. In reality, it’s not terrible, but the slots for Barrage aren’t super flexible after the patch. You can still run it if it feels good to you, though.

As for the stat,

Firepower will still run crit/swift but the ratio will now only have 70:30 crit:swift(nec) unlike before that have multiple variation.(due to losing crit bonus)

Barrage will still run spec:crit(nec) like before with gravity explosion skill added into the rotation to make use of all out attack in place of missle skill.

im also looking for the newest build for arti after next update… like, skills that i need to replace, engraving, etc… anyone can share a guide link?

Go with something like this.

I concur with @Bullian 's build. Those are the exact 5 engravings I use with almost the same stats. There is flexibility to go either: Full spec (crit neck) with salvation set, or full spec (swift neck) with hallucination set (my preference).

As for the gems, you will want:

Damage: Barrage, Air Raid, Homing Barrage, Gravity Explosion, Summon Turret
Cooldown: Air Raid, Homing Barrage, Gravity Explosion, Summon Turret, Flame Thrower, Energy Field

The skills I’m using are mostly the same as before with some minor changes:

Multi-rocket Launcher → Gravity Explosion (meter generation and damage)
Swing → Enhanced Shell (meter generation and armor debuff)
Summon Turret (armor debuff → sub battery for duration)
Air Raid (fire tripod → lightning for crit rate)

The build thus loses the convenient counter and stagger tool (Swing) but gains better meter gain to get into the chair faster. Of course, if you MUST keep Swing, then drop Enhanced Shell for it and put the armor debuff tripod back on Summon Turret.

Edit: while it can be tempting to just stay in the chair form forever with the juicy 40% crit rate and 20% damage reduction, note that your firepower gauge will decay and it will be far more efficient to get out of the chair, build up both gauges, and get back in.

Also, don’t forget to build up your firepower gauge before entering the chair! If you enter without firepower (e.g. after waiting for a mech to finish), you will hit like a wet noodle!

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As a side note this isn’t tied to the engraving [Firepower enhancement], since barrage enjoyers also have this persisting gauge feature. Its from firepower identity itself.

Yes, but the Firepower gauge now starts to decay sooner if not hitting with a skill that generates gauge. It lasts something like 10 seconds before it starts to decay which is enough for a full barrage rotation.

Fortunately, the firepower gauge can be re-maxed very quickly once you’re out of the chair. Generally, the idea is to build up your barrage gauge as fast as you can (you will automatically max the firepower gauge along the way much sooner). Then, enter the barrage mode, unload the rotation (howitzer, focus fire, energy blast, howitzer), and get out to restart the process. There is some wiggle room though.

The firepower enhancement engraving’s duration extender is largely irrelevant in my opinion as you will be at full gauge the whole time naturally. The benefits come from the damage bonus and damage reduction bonus.

i just pp an artilerist, not gonna main this, probably a deska/kunge/argos alt. Fp/barrage, which one is more simple and fun to play?

Firepower Enhancement is a little easier versus Barrage Enhancement, but FE does less damage.

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