Artillerist "Barrage Enhancement" Engraving Bug (?)

There are 3 key features to the Barrage Enhancement class engraving for Artillerist, but I don’t think some of them are working.
The engraving should:

  • Increase damage when using identity skills
  • Replenish the Firepower Meter when empty
  • Remove the cooling effect on the identity skill.

From my testing in the training grounds I could only see the increase in damage for the identity skills. Because it was clear the increase in damage was there, I know the engraving was on and should be working properly as I went to test the other 2 features.

Test 1:
I tested the replenishing by using the filling up the Firepower meter to get the 20s Firepower Level 3 Buff then not doing anything when it runs out to let the Firepower Meter reset and stay empty. According to the engraving, it should fill up by some percentage (based on engraving level) but nothing happens. I even try attacking normally to fill up the Firepower meter because I thought that maybe it meant the next attack, when empty, would fill it up by some percent but the amount of Firepower gained was normal for the attack. The screenshot shows an empty Firepower Meter even though the engraving is on.

Test 2:
The cooldown effect was easy to test because you get the cooldown effect by using the identity skill and when you end the identity mode it gives you a “Cooling” debuff. The engraving is says it’s supposed to take away this Cooling effect away. The screenshot shows the “Cooling” debuff there even though the engraving is on.

Pretty much every guide out there for Artillerist says to focus on the other class engraving because it’s so good, but I wanted to try out this one that prioritizes the identity mode. From the description it looks like this engraving should be filling up the Firepower Meter as quick as possible (through the replenishing when empty) which allows the player to get back into the identity skill quickly without restraints (from the cooling effect). I thought it would be a fun playstyle to try out and Im a bit disappointed that it doesn’t seem to be working as intended.

I think it’s supposed to remove the cooling state “Once the Firepower Meter is fully recharged, Cooling effect removed”. However I think it is broken at the moment. I’m pretty sure I’ve filled it again while I had the debuff and the engraving still didn’t purge the debuff from me.

The other 2 points I haven’t noticed anything.

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When you say you haven’t noticed anything else, does that mean the recharge when empty part is working for you? It says “If you have no Firepower Buff, Firepower Meter +30%.”
I feel like this is an essential part for this engraving to maximize the amount of Barraage Modes you can get in a fight and I really wish I could build around it, but I just don’t see it ever functioning as it says.

No, I mean that I did not noticed if it was working or not working.

I’m unsure what that means, if it’s +30% recharge rate, instantly fill 30% of the entire bar or fill 30% (along X seconds). Because of that I can’t say if it’s working nor not working.

And on this note:

When I started doing chaos dungeons I think it did started to work. Guess I was a few pixels off of filling up the entire bar the other times, lol.

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Hey, Artillerist main here.

Just tested it into a Chaos Dungeon and definitely seeing the issue about the cooling down effect. I tried to dual the Firepower + Barrage Enhancement Engravings because I thought it would be a great mix to augment my DPS if used at the best moments and have no downtime with no Cooling Down effect. Turns out, like OP said, this is not working at all in any way, shape or form.

Tried to check if it was a problem of translation and checked if they meant the cool down from the 20s Effect of Firepower 3. It’s definitely not.

Tried to check the effect as OP described : Get Firepower 3, wait for the effect to end, activate the Specialty (Z), cast a spell (or not) and press Z again. Went on Cooling Down directly.

Tried to check the effect as soon as Firepower 3 activates and activate the Specialty (Z), cast a spell (or not) and press Z again but within that 20 seconds. Went on Cooling Down directly again.

This is either a bug or an effect that shouldn’t be there. I definitely hope that this is a bug that can be fixed, because the idea of mixing both Engravings is great. Would give even more flair to Artillerist.

Also bumping for admins to check.

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Note :

I also tried to check if the Cooling Down effect was just a UI glitch as in “It shows the Cooling Down effect, but still can make it work to level 3”, but couldn’t activate my Z anyway and just didn’t seem to have any effect.

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I know this thread is a month old, but I would like to share my findings if somebody comes across it in the future.
After some testing of my own, I can say that the engraving is working, but is lost in the translation. I will explain bit by bit

  • Barrage skill dmg +x%
    Pretty self explanatory, every skill’s damage in barrage mode (including basic attack) is buffed by this amount

  • If you have no Firepower buff, Firepower Meter +x%
    This took the longest to figure out before doing dedicated testing. It should say something like “Speciality meter gain +x% when not under the effect of the Firepower buff”. It’s basically the Wealth rune for the 1st stage of your firepower meter. You can test this in Trixion by using the flamethrower on a scarecrow and note how much it fills the Firepower meter. Then, equip Barrage lvl 3, reset your firepower meter and use the flamethrower again. You’ll see that there is a difference in the amount of Firepower meter gained.

  • Once the Firepower meter is fully charged, cooling effect removed
    This only works if you reach full charge again after leaving barrage mode. It doesn’t instantly remove the cooling effect if you’re still at max firepower meter or try to use it again before your firepower meter resets, which I’m pretty sure is intended since it works like this without the engraving as well.
    I tried the firepower + barrage enhancement combo and it always removed the debuff if I reached max firepower meter with the cooling debuff

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