Artillerist help

Does the barrage enhancement engraving work if you have the firepower enhancement engraving also on? They are both class engravings.

barrage enhancement says “If you have no firepower buff” in it’s description after the added damage so wasn’t sure if the other engravings is what it’s talking about for the firepower buff?

Constant buffed use vs situational buff… fire power is the way to go, along with Grudge or Living Doll.

You want consistent damage output, if you went with Barrage you’d be a crutch to other players where damage matters.

I’m not asking for which is better, I’m asking if I use both do they both work

Yes they do, but highly not recommended.

Main artillerist here with 5k hours played

Barrage mode is not a meme

Its part of endgame build as heavy spec + swift.

Please dont spread missinformation Pugnuslesu.

For the Op, they stack and work wonder.

Firepower is mandatory in every build.

But bombardements is not used until t3 ilv1445 because we have acces to a new set.

If you want to see what is about, you can check my Channel.

I cleaned all the content, and last of the videos are endgame with 1750 spec/500 swift firepower + bombardements.



Just saw this post and was ready to correct @PugnusIesu and @Beerwolf . You beat me to it, but thanks for spreading the correct info Sio!

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This. You earned a new sub buddy

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They should work together.
Also heard others say they did.

Having no “firepower buff” is the stage of cooling and before the first stage of “firepower buff” is reached.

It is shown on you as a buff when you have that 10%, 20% or 30%.
So when it talks about not having the buff active that should be when you dont have one of those active.