Artillerist is in a bad spot for Clown

As the title says, artillerists being in midst of a update that completely changes the double class engraving for NA leaves arti mains in a bad spot for clown releasing if the arti changes dont come with it.

In these last two weeks I was able to complete my 5x3 FE build only to find out its worse is worse than my 4x3 with double class engravings. With an arti rework coming at some point it makes no sense to build a 5x3 around double class but if the rework doesnt come with clown my dps is going to be heavily scuffed until its changed. Would love if smile gate could give any updates on when that might come

TLDR: Artis are in a bad spot dps if they want to future proof their build but AGS and SG can’t/ won’t say when its coming and thats bad considering clowns release

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Im curious. I don’t play artillerist, nor do I have any point of reference to this topic, so don’t mind me asking please.

Just how much of a difference are we talking about here? Is it 5% less dps? 10%? 50%? How „scuffed“ is your dps if you build what you know will be the best build once the update does come over?

I didn’t test it but it is around %20-30 percent and that is not the only thing. Imagine you are on stagger check and have no firepower meter. It would be diasaster. Artillerist needs this change asap or most artillerist not gonna show up on Clown. :confused:

Note: Artillerist scale with his gauge meter so if you done your rotation then want to start again you have to fill your gauge again. So that means if this rotation somehow cross with stagger-check your damage gonna be so low and it is too risky.

heard a few rumors and theory that this balance patch wont be comming anytime soon along with the tripod update not sure if its gonna be true or just some bad rumors

From testing my 4x3 double class engraving build and my 5x3 FE build Im looking at the difference of 2.8 m dps in trixion (4x3) and 2.3 m dps (5×3). This is over 90 seconds. To also clarify my 4x3 is CD, Grudge, FE and BA. My 5x3 is Adren, KBW, Grudge, Hit Master, FE. This is at 1480 with +21 weapon. If the changes don’t come I might just have to hone my GL for clown

I made a little test. I didn’t have much time but it pretty much sums it up.
Look at the difference:
Double Class Engraving build

And this build is based on new artillerist build that i am gonna do:

It is around 13 million damage difference. It is really HUGE.


My artillerist alt is sitting at 1472.5 because
I built a post patch build. I will not take him to clown for a couple reason’s. Firstly being that I have 2 character’s at clown. 2nd engravings for unpopular class are super expensive, so i cant find acceptable accessory for dual class engraving, 5x3. 3rd being my damage is lowered because im built for future patch. His damage is okay to do valtan and vykas and argos, so he will live in that prison until the situation changes.

Your 1490 does less dps than my 1472. Something is wrong with your rotation or set. You should be around 1.8 mil dps atleast.

Well, you have 2 charecters to do clown but i dont have that chance. This is why i am telling the people. They should bring that changes asap because i dont think any pub group gonna take me due to this situtation. I can make myself 5x3 but my damage output is gonna be much lower than my 4x3 double class engrave build. :confused: It is really bad.

Ya I agree its a problem. But, i think something else is wrong maybe i can help. Can you do another test with the 5x3. Switch to dom fang and start your test with your awakening? You should still use turret dmg gem and identity skill as well until patch.

I didn’t have time. I just spammed everything in that minute. I didn’t care the proper rotation. That might be the reason but result is just there anyway. Is your relic set shrieking set btw ?

should do like 5min instead of 38sec if you wanna compare dps

I think you guys gotta read what i said. :slight_smile: I dont have time. I am literally in the job right now. I am writing on my job computer. :smiley:

The barrage awakening is not fantastic damage, so im running dom fang. Out of all the sets i tested, it did the best for me. Also i hope you don’t feel attacked. Im genuinely interested in helping because this situation sucks for artillerist.

No, i am actually glad you helped. I just dont have time to focus on this matter right now so wanted to make quick test. :smiley:

Send me a private message when you have time. Maybe we can figure out how to get you another 600k dps. Its still gonna be lower than my 1490 gunlancer and glaivier, but we gotta kinda make due with what we got. My red gunlancer who’s providing party shields is around 2.8mil dps. Would be great if they just released patch, so you can atleast feel equal to a tank.

Thank you, dude. I am gonna do when i free. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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I’ve parked my Artillerist at 1460 for that reason. He’s built for the KR patch but who knows when it’ll come to the West. Same thing for my Arcana.

I don’t know what’s with the lack of communication from SG/Amazon, people can’t be expected to invest in their characters only for the build to randomly become obsolete.

Its rough, honing my GL might just be the way to go. Who knows they might just drop it as a surprise but I doubt it

ppl are scared to do dps check on kakul but let me tell you even 2.8m cant compete with favorite child classes. for example my scrapper on 1490 ilvl is doing around 4,5mil so dont focus on it now. your time to shine will come.
anyway you should care only when you will wipe on lack of dps and not on basic mechanics. Im pretty sure even your setup is still enough cause we still have high tripods already, lvl 7 gems, card sets etc. there are 3 other ppl afterall who will help you do dmg :slight_smile: