Artillerist Pressurized Heatbomb's "Additional Firepower" tripod doesn't work on named mobs

Expected Result: The “Additional Firepower” tripod of Pressurized Heatbomb is meant to increase damage to all mobs that are “named” or higher.
Issue: The tripod only affects Challenge and above monsters. Either the tripod is mistranslated or the skill was implemented incorrectly.
Replication: Use the skill on any monster that is “named,” the damage will be the same as if it were a normal monster. Damage is only increased against boss/challenge monsters.

Picture shows a normal mob (human), named mob (scarecrow), and boss being hit by the same Pressurized Heatbomb. Only the boss mob takes increased damage. Grudge is not equipped.

As of 12.21 update, still not addressed.

Thanks for reporting this, Torappu! I’ll get this over to the development team.

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As an update this has been forwarded over to the development team.

Tooltip still not updated as of February 1.
I checked the Korean tooltip and confirmed that the correct wording should be “Challenger or higher” not “named or higher.”

Thanks for letting me know this is still floating around.