Artillerist : Speed build

Is there any decent speed (swift ) build for this? I like the big guns tech but the slowness is keeping me away from making one. maxroll only has a spec build

well you go crit on all acc and swift on neck. Engravings are Grudge, Firepower, KBW, Adrenaline, Hitmaster.

I mean you can play Swift/Crit with Nightmare + Spirit Absorb right now and just spam like crazy but it’s far worse compared to any of the meta builds.

But the class will feel much better after the balance changes. Especially Spec doesn’t feel like slowmotion gameplay anymore.

But i wouldn’t recommend Artillerist as an alt since it’s pretty expensive unless you go off-meta.

I am playing Swift / Crit arti as my alt, It is fun but you need to use barrage mode to give time for mana to reload. Got Convi Judgament (convi on nuke so aoe field procs it and judgament on Lazor turret. When i get to nightmare set I think I wont have any mana issues and reason to use barrage mode). It is fun, deals fun dmg and it is pretty fast despite being considered wheelchair class. Swift build is pretty cheap you wont be “GODtilerist” after rework but it will work pretty fine.

With new trixion test mode you can always test it out.