Artillerist's Barrage Mode feels clunky

Good evening,

I’ve been playing the Artillerist a while and I’ve had some trouble with the clunkiness of how the Barrage Mode, specifically the abilities, work when the key is pressed.

To be specific, I have issues with two of the abilities:
Barrage: Focus Fire
Barrage: Energy Cannon

It seems like there is a period of time when I enter barrage mode that neither of these abilities work which means I often find myself sitting doing nothing for a few seconds until I realize that my abilities didn’t cast when I pressed the abilities key. (This also results in me thinking the cast hasn’t went off and ending the animation earlier than intended sometimes…both being a bad experience) Unfortunately, because both of these abilities have a sort of build up time, I don’t catch it right away. This really takes away from the overall experience. The rest of his kit, even the hold-to-cast abilities don’t suffer from this issue so I’m not quite sure why the Barrage mode is different.

Is this something that can be looked into and improved?

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Good. Well deserved. Everytime I see nuclear warfare players in arena and I get stunned into an atom bomb I pray their kit is clunky, and everything is working unintended. (sarcasm ofc)

For real though, are those abilities “hold” by any chance? Because I’ve been experiencing some trash buffer issues with hold skills lately and I’m not sure if I just haven’t noticed it before or something is going on due to servers.

If you pre-hold a hold skill before the animation from your previous skill is finished it will not buffer the skill and execute it. Sometimes it seems to and other times it doesn’t, really annoying.

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I’ve not played arena but I have occasionally gone into pvp islands and it is pretty satisfying to delete characters with my nukes lol.

Focus fire is a hold-to-cast skill but Energy Cannon is not.

I’m sure what you’re saying is what’s happening, because the skills do ultimately work. But I don’t have this issue with a skill like Flamethrower or my Missile Launcher ability which are effectively very similar types of skills (one being a hold-to-cast and the other being a channeled cast).

yeah it’s annoying, on my deathblade sometimes I will do a polestar into a moonlight sonic (hold) but if I start holding moonlight sonic too early I’ll just stand there like a bot, then other times it works. Idk.

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For me the Energy Cannon isn’t too bad since I usually tap Impregnability before I do my attacks. But after Energy Cannon is finished, it is quite irritating to hit Focus Fire and nothing happens. Then I hit it again. Nothing happens. And since Focus Fire is a “holding” ability, this means I sometimes activate the cooldown after only firing for 2 seconds.

The fix is simple: Make every Barrage ability instantly start as soon as the key is pressed. This includes even if you are in the middle of the Energy Cannon. The programming is clearly already there since I can activate Impregnability during the middle of my Energy Cannon attack.