Artillterist exiting barrage mode sometimes does not work

I am going to reference this post here as I know it is related:

Up until now I just got accustomed to the annoying delay between using my Energy Cannon and then Focus Fire (which the other thread is about and I agree wholeheartedly that this needs to be fixed). But a new problem has started in the past week:

Sometimes when I press my Z key to exit Barrage Mode, nothing happens. This is no longer about being annoyed about low DPS, but about getting hit by mechanics because I tap Z trying to get away from something and fail.

The solution that solves the issue I am reporting here + the clunkiness of barrage mode mentioned in the other post? Make all abilities override anything else you are currently doing. In the middle of Energy Cannon and press Z? Immediately start the exit animation. In the middle of Focus Fire and press Energy Cannon? Instantly start casting Energy Cannon.

If a compromise is necessary, I can cope with lag time between different attacks. But what I can’t accept is trying to avoid a one shot, but fail because the game does not register my attempt at exiting Barrage Mode.

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