Artist and aeromancer

I think those two classes are expected by the comunnity but the most hype I have is for the slayer so is it possible we get her this year? I wanna save all my resources for her but in the meantime I think I will play artist

Follow your heart.

Why ask at all? If you want to main and play a class hard just start saving now. I’ve been saving for artist since august last year. Didn’t matter when she came.


Well, if they stick with like 3-4 month cadence, you’ll see slayer around December/November. Earliest would likely be September if we stay at a 3 month cadence from here on out…

I believe Aeromancer will come after Artist so im saving everything for Aeromancer. Slayer probably will come around July or August. Either way we will get to play them this year for sure.

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hopefully slayer looks awesome

Slayer is after Aeromancer. We get Artist this month, which means Aeromancer in July (maybe August) so if we do get Slayer this year, it’d be at the very end of the year. Slayer for the December (Christmas) update makes sense to me personally, but it’s all speculation really. I doubt even anyone at AGS has a clue when to expect Slayer for our version tbh.

with lets say 3 months apart
artist > march
aero > june
slayer > september

at which point we should be “caught up”
im expecting soul eater to be delayed by 2 months after release
but after soul eater im expecting SG and Amazon to start working on a simultaneous release schedule
otherwise people are going to bury this game

we were putting up with being behind to catch up
if we catch up and they still delay the fuck out of releases they won’t be able to deal with the amount of shit storm that will fall onto their heads

i think , marketing wise its better to not release slayer before december

it seems they wont release in KR on a faster pace than 6-8 month per new class
that concludes to a point that after slayer 6-8 month no new class will come, that is bad longterm wise to make money,

so stretching aeromancer and slayer to a longer timeframe would make more sense for SG /AGS to keep the coins rolling

NO, male scrapper, male sorc, souleater and many more is in develop. The goal is to be equal with korea or close to it. This is not about marketing or making money. Delaying class release any longer than their initial class release 2-3 month grace period will not be healthy for the community nor the game. The key is to keep this game going like a rollercoaster, if it drops too low nor is too steady and not climbing that’s endgame/deadgame.

whats coming next and is in development is irrelevant , because its all about “when”
( female slayer was 1,5 years in development btw)
and and the timeframe for the last 3 class releases were 17 month for the last 3 classes

so artist had 6 month
aeromancer had 4,5 month
slayer had 7 month

you see ? so as long as Korea cant bring out classes more frequent it does not matter what they say will come and what you wish

the diffrence is , it does not matter even when they bring slayer in summer, the posibility that the next class afterwards , like malescapper, takes 6-8 month to release in KR , we wont get that class this year prior

Yea, the sad thing is we can’t catch up to korea unless they delay any future content release for at least a year. NA is slowly adding on balance patch and etc with class release to try and catch up. We are still missing a year worth of content.

we got 2,5 years of KR content in 1 year .

we did a good paste, its just not that fast how hardcore players would like
if we would get voldike in december this year , to keep up with content

lots of players would stop cause they wouldnt reach 1620+ in that 10 month

you always have to consider whats in the longterm better for the game as a whole enviroment

too slow is bad but too fast aswell


probably aeromancer august-sept. slayer december maybe or january

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