Artist Appreciation Post #3

honestly, im just waiting to see what they say once they come back from the holidays, and depending on that i might wait till the class comes out and see what happens from there. if shit goes south ill just switch to RU


I already drained all the GHL and some of the shards, I didn’t want to gimp my account even further then it is. I can make back the gold to buy GHL and the 3.1 resources have long since tanked in value. I’m still sitting on some pheons but I personally threw my hands up and moved the last two characters to 1475 to atleast maximize my gold return

They will probably admit that was April fool’s joke, and the real artist release date is September. :sweat_smile:

anyone know any way for play the aeromancer? i cant translate RU version :frowning:

I posted a solution 1 sec

I saw this artist on ru months ago, thought it was cute

Too bad their name was stockholmsyndrome OMEGALUL



It’s easier for April to come, and they say “April fools, artist releasing in October”.

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artist appreciation no stop :grinning: keep up guys until CM return

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Hi from russian server. Merry christmas !


Merry Artistmas.


Merry (cookie) Christmas…


I changed my artist’s hair after I created my aeromancer’s hair, messing with the shadings and such. Her hair looks pretty damn realistic at the end and I loved it.
So I saved the preset and changed it a bit for my artist and I won’t like she looks pretty damn cute now, even cuter than before

The aeromancer’s hair:

The artist’s hairstyle before :

The artist’s hairstyle after:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!

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OK, I finally got the RU version to work, but when I get into character creation, everything is still in Russian.
This is what I am doing:
Run ExitLag
Start the GameCenter Launcher.
Start the English Patcher
It is pointed to GameCenter/LOSTARK
Run English patch
Launch game.

No idea what is going on.

To make it into English it’s done this way due to the aeromancer update

  • Run ExitLag
  • Start the GameCenter Launcher
  • Start the English patcher (don’t click English yet)
  • Enter your files and do the following;
    Change data.Ipk → data(2).Ipk and change data2.Ipk → data.Ipk
    Change data(2).Ipk - > data2.Ipk
  • Click on the English button once it’s done then do as above to save the changes

Ideally, you should change the language back before you close the game but I don’t.
If you want to stay in English every time you load the game close the patcher before the game launcher, and you won’t need to translate it again until a big patch comes. You can always reverify the game files to change them back to Russian. You won’t need to go back into the translation if you staying in English

you guys are making me consider login into RU again… but fuck, all the grind I’ve done :sob:

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