Artist Appreciation Post #3

The paint one is really unique. I like most of them tbh but a lot of them are very similar. Still, would love to get them in game and I’ll take any of the ones shown before.

Here’s some other ones I personally found nice or creative

Only checked the first 10 pages, but I’m sure there are many many more good ones. Try and see if there’s any you like


Yeah, the paint roller is a really good idea, and the calligraphy pens are fantastic. I don’t like the outfits much, but each to their own.

Its amazing how many Artist entries there are… Just shows how popular she is…

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Here are some more images of the Graffiti Artist…
2nd thought… the outfit isn’t that bad after all… Hope you can recolor it if it get in the game.
I like her a lot…

Concept Art…




OMG! Those creations look so adorable! The weapon look incredible too! I wish most of them were to be made available at some point!

I am sure many of you have seen this but here is the most recent statement of Roxx from another thread:

I don’t know how she can make that statement when Sorceress replaced Summoner as one of the newest classes to KR…


I really love this skin! The pen for the weapon is just so cute especially with the single wing :o


AHHH they are all so lovely!!

I remember seeing the 2nd to last one when browsing. Thank you for sharing the others! nwn

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Korea has so many good things happening… a contest for skins… marvelous…
We in the West are missing out on so much…

We are ‘POOR’ Lost Ark players.


these look incredible!! the gothic outfit is my personal fav, love the color scheme :black_heart:

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I have complained a lot about Artist and sexualization in Lost Ark but those concept arts are absolutely stunning!

Swan Weapons Artist
This Weapon is just fabulous!

Noelle Artist 2
Noelle Artist
This totally reminds me of Noelle from Genshin Impact. Usually I am not into cosplay/maid outfits, but this looks awesome! And the weapon! A fork! Awesome! :flushed:

Pastel Cute Artist
This is a sugar overdosis! So cute!

Rabbit Sailor Moon Artist
I am not a fan of overknees (I loathe them to be honest), nor do I like bunny ear accessoiries, but this art is totally awesome! I also get Sailor Moon vibes from the weapon!

Graffiti Artist
And this graffiti modern day style! :flushed: Amazing!

(Yes, I had to repost the pics to put them into context)

The KR Artist fans are so talented!


Yeah there are surprisingly a lot of good entries. I’m fine with whatever wins, but a lot of good art/ideas came from the contest.

You can check the other classes too in the same link. I’m sure there are some really good ones

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Honestly, Smilegate should make them all happen at some point! Would be such a waste otherwise :flushed:


Yes I was pleasantly surprised too. There are a couple “sexy” and more grown up outfits that I thought were gorgeous though but generally speaking most of the art for skins are very lolita, “kawaii” princess, magical girl, school girl, maid themed which I just enjoy having a variety of as usually any of the other females classes especially Mage are very sexy and half are just gorgeous lingerie basically haha

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My thoughts are that Roxx shouldn’t had said anything. For one she doesn’t know anything and claims that she and other CMs won’t say anything unless they know something which is why people complain the CMs are ignoring or keeping info from us when the truth is they just don’t know.

And yet we have her making this statement. So my speculation is that they have a rough roadmap and the class release is from oldest to newest HOWEVER it’s obviously subject to change. Especially with sorceress and striker added last minute to our release.

The news of RU and highly possibly JP getting Artist in June…. I am crossing my fingers but wouldn’t be surprised if Artist comes last. Would be nice if they doubled her up with a dps release: two in one month kinda deal at least since she’s not a dps like the other missing classes.


Live and let live.
I’m personally waiting for Scouter but I know I can’t change their schedule.

All artist faces. A few look same but have some differences


The ones that look like she has no nose are creepy.

If they ever make a male version of the Artist, I will only be happy if he is an older white dude with a fro called the Painter and takes people down with…

Happy Little Accidents.


I Laughed Out Loud hard on that one lmaoooo

But seriously is their creepy anime doll face canon in the game that like half can look like humans and the other races mostly and then half can be born with creepy anime faces that don’t look exactly human? Haha