Artist Appreciation Post #3

I went a little overboard with the pretties…


Her eyes look so good! (i mean your preset looks really good, but the eyes stand out)

I need to get better at taking selfies of my artists, all mine come out like passport photos.

I’ll practice when i go knock out the selfie achievements with my artist.


Said I was gonna do it, and I did, Ayayadidas


Yass queen slay slav.


cute af

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OOOOOH, i really love this. Nice painting/customazition job!

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We don’t have this Face Preset, right? I know, that some of the Anime Faces got „westernized“ but this Face is missing … or am I trippin?

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Must’ve been changed to something else, but it’s possible to recreate it anyway, only the presets have been changed.

I really tried everything… every preset isn’t the one… I’m so damn sad, there is no face like this in our version :sob:

Maybe you can get someone to save this preset from the Korean server, and send it to you.
Really, the settings are all here, AGS only changed the base presets.

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:unicorn: :sparkles:


Made my Artist for NA release! I’m so happy they released this class - I quit the game for a while because I couldn’t find a class that I was fully comfortable with, but Artist just clicks. I love her ^^


Wich skin its the last one?

lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It’s supposed to be the same one from the icons at least if you compare your screenshot to this. You can see that only the ogre faces are the new ones and they were on the anime slots

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it looks better on the legendary set cuz of the color, i do think they are cute

Its one of the unreleased Stronghold skins (the one that you needs cookies to buy) they received it on Kr not so long ago.

If it was an option I’d be like oh yeah cute, but as a forced change it’s just dog. I want my panties back ty. There are so many armors/skins too that have panties as pants, and it’s looking extra like all of them are going to get fucked up