Artist Appreciation Post #3

You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella eh :open_umbrella:


Now I am torn as to which cutie deserves my undivided attention.

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Going to buy the left outfit once it’s available. :smiley:

And the new outfit on my artist (not totally my taste):

Edit: Maybe we should change the title of the thread into “Specialist Appreciation Post”? :grin:


That looks so dope, im gonna try makes something similar and creep around in the game xD

Now I am going to have to make room for an extra little lady.
It’s nice for the Artist to have a sister to play the game with her.

Now we have to wait for both of them to arrive.

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I am deff gonna have both. But aeromancer will be by main only because she’s a dps. I play with a friend we do all content together and they already main Paladin so it’s kinda weird to run chaos or guardian with 2 supports although dps Artist is a thing I don’t wanna be rude to the other two random dps we queue with. Though I’ve only played Artist and her skill animations are cooler to me than Aeromancer slightly.

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Most recent outfits in Kr.


Don’t mind me I’m here for my daily dose of happiness.


A few more Artists in the new skin.



Created one in RU few days ago :slight_smile:



whaaaaaaat this outfit is badass

Artist appreciators, did u guys check it out the aeromancer? another cute one with badass skills

Yes, but can’t include a class that is not released yet.

She will make her way here as soon as we have images of her…
I already posted the video of her… here…

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Oh, tysm, didnt saw the whole vid, just a small clip, her gameplay looks awesome

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The Aeromancer really looks great as well. Will probably be 2024 until we can play her though xD I thought each specialist class is supposed to have a support role… or did I get that wrong?

Next year Copege

Maybe SG will see the data from the other 2 servers artist being giga popular as a reason to release her faster, or they’ll use it to revive na if it ever starts dying. First would be nice.

There’s legit like 5+ artist for every other char running around and the leveling areas are all a shitload of artists

Daily ad for refugees



They’ll have different roles. Aeromancer is dps, artist support, alchemist and the other unmentioned ones we don’t know yet

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