Artist Appreciation Post #3

My guy you are talking about ignorance when you are mixing me and another persons comments up. I was not the person who brought up making her a mage class at all lol. Maybe try reading before insulting others there little guy :slight_smile:


Found this while cruising through some presets made from KR.

Creepy, yet impressive.


We literally came back at the exact same time and left at the exact same time lool! I came back literally just to grind all my characters to be able to farm mats and gold for her release! <3

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Maybe artist coming out during the game 1st global anniversary is not a bad thing.
We will, most probably, get a free anniversary skin, like all the other servers get.

bro what??? LOL

Waiting for bern pass

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Being amazon I doubt the skin will be free like the bed skin it will be behind a paywall.
Edit: bed skin not reaper skin

But reaper’s wasn’t an anniversary skin?

My bad I said reaper thinking about the reaper but I meant the bed skin I heard. Edited original response. Looking for a reference point 1 second
Edit: official website is on maintenance so I’ll probably get the reference later if I remember

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Yeah, but the thing is, we haven’t had a official anniversary yet.
I have hope they will give us a cosmetic during the first anniversary.
Otherwise, the game will be sucked dry out if greed.

I mean they’re already making us pay £90 for the black fur skin… I don’t know how more greedy they can get

Indeed. It’s interesting how they keep the most expensive packs saying “it was the same in Kr” but then they go ahead and mess with the SH Demonic form. Only doing their job when it suits their financially convenient narrative.

I have no hope for this company. It’s literal (insert accurate description here).

Mitsuri from Demon Slayer.


Very nice. That’s really well done! For those who don’t know the Anime, this is the source character: Mitsuri Kanroji from the Anime: Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba.

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omg its so perfect and cute,u know the sauce or post ?

Awe! well welcome back! i made a reaper in the meanwhile and im using the events to store all the mats :slight_smile: im hoping to have enough gold to get her the +12 engraving books for her class engravings! we will see tho.

I’d wait a few weeks before buying those gold books. Scouter books went from 13k+ to 8k three weeks after release.

Oh i already have the +12 Awakening and +12 Expert i bought them when i first started playing on release as i swiped to get ahead and sold all my material to purchase the support books LOL… but idk if i want to get her class engraving book or not. As far as i could see i checked multiple Arist on LOWA and they all had similar or exactly the same engravings.

Awakening lvl 3
Vital Strike lvl 3
Full Bloom (class) lvl 3
Expert lvl 3
Heavy Armor lvl 3
Spirit Absorption lvl 2

Some swap Spirit Absorption for the mana one but idk i think spirit is better.

whats cheaper though? class engravings on relic gear with things like vital?
or no class engravings +5 and finding those off engravings with swift and swift/spec neck? idk haha

+5 Full Bloom, with Swiftness and a +3 to a support engraving are going to be crazy expensive.

I too have +12 Expert, Awakening, Heavy Armor. so I may gear her out for 4x3 at release, and then push 5x3 maybe 2 weeks after once prices level out.