Artist Glory Skin

@Roxx Can you please discuss with the team about bringing the battlepass outfit back on Artist/Specialist release so that outfits arent forever locked away?

Seeing how the noble weapon box got updated with reaper im holding my Arkpass boxes for Artist but it would be nice to know artist gets released with a “skin pack” with all skins which had a specialist version in the game which we missed because artist was released late vs being out in kr/ru/jp.

I think only the glory/current BP skins are effected but would be nice to not have avatars locked away forever.

In general a “Might have missed” sales would be cool to give classes who couldnt get certain skins (which was obviously available in kr [e.g like Summoner weapons of all the skinlines so far]) to buy them.

Im not talking about rereleasing the who le skin lines but only for those classes who had no chance to buy them.

Maybe for our first anniversary in january (which obviously is also artist release :copium:

A buddy of mine did some looking into codex and he checked noble weapon box (first arkpass) which got updated for reaper and the current arkpass boxes (weapon + armor).

Unfortunately the current arkpass box is a unique ID which makes it different to KR which means unless manually updated from SG we wont be able to use the box. Just to compare the noble one is a shared ID between kr and EU/NA so thatas they get updated automatically.