Artist in June/July Roadmap?

For better or worse, do you really believe everything AGS says? xD


Summoner? Oh nonononno waiting for reaper bro :smiley: . As for the step on others s just friendly class banter :slight_smile: keeps the class threads alive

Hey, wait for Destroyer to be released and then they will decide what to do for the next roadmap.

And don’t forget about this !


Considering they are our only network of communication to Smilegate and their development plans?



If it were up to me, all classes would have been released at game launch.

And if I were Amazon and I would like to squeeze the player’s wallet and the same time satisfy everyone, I shall publish payment packs that allow you to play your class “early”, just like in Warframe if you don’t want to farm.

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This wasnt an Amazon decision for one.
Two, its not up to you. No point in being rhetorical.

The summoning threads will be fun this month for sure :eyes:

SGS is known to cave to community feedback in KR as well.

the KR community just had to take a hint from this community and be extra loud in order to steer them towards decisions that would satisfy the majority… as in QoL updates for example.

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for this i mostly think we should ask about faster release, (and stick to our main topics for each for the copium :p)

The class waiting is a minority part of people. And inside it, even artist, the most asked is a minority (less than 50%)…

Saying “us first” is i think not the best for the game and the community…

i see, thanks for showing, i just find it weird that sorc came out after lance cough cough glavier also says “while this could change” so that’s not set in stone

We can’t forget that the people that take the time to watch youtube videos, look up guides, watch streams, post on forums are most likely to be those who are more invested in the game.

People who just hear about the game and then try it out and stick with it for awhile are majority in number alone and do not use their voice because they don’t care to and are just happy with whatever drops.

I’m just saying that you’re the type of person where someone says “I think…” and you say "Well that’s your opinion, don’t speak for others, as if “I think” could mean something else.

I mean its no stretch of the imagination that other factors come into play on timeline of class releases in our region.

For sure yeah, I need to prepare my popcorn! :popcorn:

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i didnt think about the “out of forum/reddit” people
but we already have 17 class (ok, soon 17th) and waiting for 5, even considering lot want to main artist/scouter… those 5 “waiting room” are still minority.

Also, not because “minority” that “no care about it” … far from it.
I just wanted to point out that the “my class first” is dumb due to the fact this is always minority inside minority. and all 5 class needs to be released fast. So due to this, i consider it is far better to not multiply topic “want my class pleaaaaase” stick to the main one, and… continue to voice about "release class faster ! "

I didnt say that though. I said the scenario you presented is rhetorical and is pointless in justfying an agenda. Never said anything about your opinion being wrong. Youre welcome to have an opinion. But to say what youd do if you had the power to choose is irrelevant. Because you dont have that power to begin with.

She also said if demand is big enough, newer classes go first.


But my class first is fun to say.

Glaivier is a nice example of the minority within a minorities minority working out pretty well.