Artist not even out yet but already getting the classic western crybaby censored treatment!

Quote from roadmap: “Specifically, skins with short skirts will have shorts added underneath the skirt, and other skins will have adjusted pant lengths or tights added. We will be working to preserve the original spirit of the skins when applying these changes to ensure players will have a variety of compelling customization options for this uniquely versatile class.”

Listen. Any and all kind of censorship in games and other medias is just straight up bad. You make people upset with needless stuff like this. Meanwhile the people who somehow get offended by a girl wearing a skirt. Can:
1.) Simply not wear the skirt and pick another costume.
2.) Probably won’t play Artist to begin with if they don’t like the aesthetic.
3.) Honestly need to touch grass. Women can wear whatever they want and this kind of censorship is depicting that you treat women like objects choosing what they can wear because you get upset at certain clothes she wears.

Enough of me rambling. What does everyone elsethink?



Sir that is a child


I mean, I did say that her shorts and other skins would most likely be changed in the western version of Lost Ark.

For example, she has some underbutt skin (like the ark pass) and bikini skin shown in another post, which will definitely be changed in the western version.

I am talking about how censorship is terrible. I’m not talking about sexualizing children in my post at all. Please read more carefully. And holy shit why is it the first thing you type is about children


Saw this coming after seeing how AGS felt the need to make the shadowhunter demonic impulse new transformation “appropriate” to western views lol.


The same should be expected for when the aeromancer comes out as they have the same model.

Censoring showing upskirt and panty shots of an 11 year old girl is not bad at all, stop trying to be a creep and then playing it off as “hurr durr censorship bad”


Where is your defense of showing upskirt and panty shots of the other women in this game if you are so adamant about it? you are still treating those women like objects but just in a different way, should censor those as well.
Or we can understand that it is a video game and they are not real. Don’t deserve this kind of strict censorship.
And while we are going down this road then I gotta let you know that Artist is a fiction character made of pixels. That the censorship is 100% needless


The outfit change was expected, seeing how they all look like little kids to most westerners. It really sucks that they are going to miss out on all the skins though. Hopefully they will release the skins they are going to miss at a later date.

Artist is the same race as shandi
and this is shandi’s wife


Changing a label doesn’t change what’s depicted.

Shandi’s wife at least looks not human and aged. The specialist classes do not and appear directly as human children.


I was referring to the race. The race the specialist class is from looks young no matter how old they are. So they all look like kids even when they aren’t.

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If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

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You listed three countries that have rampant issues in this department. I would not use that word to describe those countries directly, but they are still undergoing a cultural shift that happened sooner elsewhere.


Yes they are, and it’s weird and has always been weird.

Goes to show the mentality that pushes changes like this.

Good. People should continue to push back against the sexualization of children. The world doesn’t need any more sickos thinking it’s okay, even if it’s in a video game.


I dont want to spread hate or sth… I can see both sides of the coin. Still, her avatar looks like a literal child. Doesnt matter if you slap the “2000 years old” age tag on it.

Censorship sucks. Funny enough i want to play her cause of her abilities :slight_smile:


You do realize that you called 3 regions of players pedophiles, just to advocate for the values you believe in? How is this anything but modern-day cultural colonialism?

Gonna play her either way, but I wanna play the game as close to the original as possible, if it wasn’t for the language gap + korean verification, I’d play the KR version.


Just to note, the tights that the artist will be wearing could be similar to the SH’s treatment.
They could be coloured ashy-grey so as to not reveal the skin tone too much with the skirts or shorts she may be wearing.