Artist plz! More supp

Pls give us artist we need more options for supp! Dps are more than supp


Even if artist is released they will still be more dps. Andi don’t think artist (even if i find the class really fun) will not stop the lack of support. Some people will like her some not.

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People in KR is actually starting to say that there’s lack of DPS.

It’s not only due to having many Artists but also Bards.

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Yeah they have more bards than paladin and artist (around 65% of supports i think).

But i don’t know if in our region it will be the same. People love big number so lots of dps.

Yea this is the player count between 1600-1625 and Artist is last lmao

1600-1625 you do realise that’s the endgame gear whales in KR don’t you?

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There are ton of sups now ,Yeah not main at for newer contents but as alts. Even If artist comes out she will be an alt for 95% of players. I don’t think people will spend money to level up her over ur now main which will be over 1540 or something at that point. Be realistic. There is no lack of sups for alt contents, only main sups are lower. So that will remain same most of the time.

No shit Sherlock still Bard is mostly played

shes out today, hf fellow jp enjoyer and ru comrads


Yeah after all bard was the first supp to come out. Paladin came a while after and artist even after so people stay on their main.

Well yea but given how hard it is to switch mains and upgrade them to that ilvl and since Artist is the newest class it’s obviously she’s gonna be the last/one of the last in the highest ilvl.

If you want a more realistic graph, filter from 1550 to 1620.

Artist will be released in March and she will have the appearance of an adult women, cope and seethe.

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I don’t know. There are a lot of game who have Loli in their class.

I would like to be able to create the artist as well as other classes. I want to play her as a main character and at this rate I don’t see her until 2024 xd Do you plan to put some pass so I can reach the ilvl?

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I don’t know how much times the powerpass will be ok but if there are no date you could use it to up a class to punika. And also In the release of 1 classes every 2 months she should come out in the first part of 2023

I’ll keep the arcanas power pass for artist I think it will be T3 punika and from now i gother all of my match from alts and save all my gold until she will come! At the moment my main is pali so I blve with some luck for honing I’ll reach end game content with artist fast

Although I also want to play Artist, I’m more mad about Summoner right now since last Roadmap, they do her so dirty that poor girl, she is expensive and when she gets delayed every time won’t get any better :smiling_face_with_tear:

Artist has been out for 6 months in KR compared to other classes being out for 2-3 years. It’s not surprising it’s at the bottom (its the newest class). Players need time to get an alt to end game.

Im waiting on Summoner for my next alt. Although the artist sounded interesting, I don’t like the idea of playing as a child. So unless they change the model from a loli to an adult, I’ll be skipping that class.

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I don’t think they would ever change a whole class appearance for one region, since she is how she is already added in the other regions.