Artist Poll - Main Alt or Neither?

Alright since the arguments surrounding Artist is that she’s not needed because only current Bard or Paladin mains might move to Artist thus not creating any new Support Mains. And secondly most people will only make an Artist alt thus still not creating anymore Artist mains to help get through NEW hard content before everyone is multiple ilevels higher than required.

I made a poll if everyone can answer please. How many won’t make an Artist, how many will alt an Artist, and how many support or dps mains will switch to an Artist main.

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I probably won’t main an artist. Alt, maybe, for the skins. I used to play support in another mmo and enjoy the support role overall but I don’t like that in this game. I played a bard until 960 when I first played this game, and I felt like she was just a weak dps with little heal and buff. Still had to use potion. Leveling was a pain. Things were much easier when I started over and played sorc.
In the other game I played, supports bumped out huge amount of healing yet still be able to do some damage. Hardly any pots needed when playing support there.

I would main her but it kind of depends when she drops. If we see her with like clown the investment to get her up to current tier with the release cadence would be asking a lot. To be considered a “main” I would think the class needs to be at or close to the current tier prog. I have a sorc as my main right now and have brought a bard up to 1340 in the last few days however I still just don’t enjoy her much at all and the paladins skills don’t interest me much at all. I think she would help the “support” crisis but that is only if she is dropped relatively quickly the main reason we don’t see more mains of her in KR is because not only is she support but she needs alot of investment to get to their current end game.

I plan to main her no matter what. I’m waiting specifically for this class and my other classes are literally only geared to feed her mats. Hell, I plan on making 2 or 3 Artists to feed a main 1 BiS accessories.

You’re missing an option for people who want to main artist and also have 5 artist alts (I know at least one person that wants to do that).

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I would play her as dps because that’s what I’m most familiar with since you don’t run support while doing solo content, but in my opinion you shouldn’t que matchmaking with dps build (at least not to places where individual performance actually starts to matter) because the system fills you in for support. For party finder it’s fine, if you have a decent build and ppl will also be able to invite supports, but you’d still be providing more use by just playing it as support. And it’s not like the support build is unfun, it’s probably still one of the most fun I had from the current classes.

ill make an artist alt, i didnt know she was a support or anything about her for that matter, except i seen a gameplay and her moves look cool and she looks fun to play. lol


It will most likely be my main though I am not sure if I am going to main the cute spec or the adorable spec.

If they give us a pass/express mission for artist, I’ll buy an extra character slot and make an alt.

I have a bard main, but I might switch depend on release and how I feel

Neither. The aesthetic is unappealing to me. Probably the last class I would make.

I feel you. I’m not a huge fan of the “kawaii” look and her voices but her kit and skills are absolutely my dream character…… I do understand for others it might be enough deference to never play it. As a girl I really don’t want to play a male class what’s so ever so I get that.

Yea, it’s just personal preference at the end of the day. I hope it comes out soon for all the fans of course, a lot of people seem to want this class.

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I need to see how her gameplay is fun.

Bard is kinda limiting with same core 5 skills , though requires some skills to use them.

Paladin is kinda boring to me, only if we had a Female paladin i would gladly play more often.

a main… alt. I ain’t going through the hell of honing to replace my main.