Artist release date

When is the Artist coming out??


we dont know , hopefully very soon together with reaper :slight_smile:

I heard that it’s coming out after Reaper

i think artist threads deserve more attention :upside_down_face:

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Yes, I think so too! Hopefully, we will get Artist and Reaper in the next patch!

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Sorry to dash your hopes, but I don’t think it’s happening.
If you search through Roxx’s messages you should find one where she says that they will first release all the older classes (ex. summoner, arcana).

That doesn’t make any sense. They released Sorceress already and she is one of the newest classes.


We should do artist posts about artist post … JUST RELEASE ARTIST!

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“while this could be changed”

so it makes sense that people request what they want in hopes it might get changed.

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Sorceress was a bit of an exception. They initially would’ve released with Summoner, she was in the closed alpha, but I guess they thought they didn’t want to release into the west without a Sorceress.

Now you know what to ask for christmas

For real … If they decide to release her next year or something … people aren’t that active anymore

this could be said about any of the classes though